Florida charter school principal fired over baffling participation in fake Elon Musk scam

Originally published at: Florida charter school principal fired over baffling participation in fake Elon Musk scam | Boing Boing


Hey, I just found Elon Musk’s wallet and it’s stuffed with cash! I’ll share it with you, but you have to put up some money first.


That really should have ended it right there.


Well, those Nigerian princes have really upped their game.

[ETA: to be fair, the first Nigerian scammer I ever got an email from was pretending to be Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, so I guess some things never change.]


Maybe it was Elon? When’s the next interest payment due?


Are you sure it’s fake? Considering that Twitter now wants $1000 a month for worthless gold checkmarks, this sounds pretty on-brand for Musk.


Guess he didn’t know about the Blue Checks.


I’ve been talking to “Elon” on Instagram, too! So far he’s asked me for Apple gift cards, Bitcoin, and an “investment” in Tesla. I’ve told him he’s not getting any money from me until he sends me the emeralds he owes me for the job I did for him in Siberia. Dude even sent me a picture of his “identification”. It’s been a hoot chatting with him. I can’t belive anyone falls for these things - his (and other scammers online) grasp of English is tenuous at best.


Geez. Why couldn’t it have been this Florida principal who’d also forgotten to send out the notification to parents about their kids studying Michelangelo’s David?


McGee claims she was scammed online by a fake Elon Musk after spending months talking to this person in hopes of getting the space pioneer to invest millions in the school in exchange for a $100,000 upfront investment.

At this point, any news outlet that refers to him as a “space pioneer” is demonstrating an IQ even lower than Musk’s.


Wow. The principal has a PhD, too. I’m assuming in some education field, not that it matters. How the hell can people be this naive? The woman I’m a caregiver for, who is older and physically disabled, but mentally fine, used to try these online dating sites for older people, and these scammers would come after her left and right. The funny thing was, I could spot them for what they were immediately, but she couldn’t. She just believed them when they said they were super rich but currently working out of the country, etc. Well that’s not the funny part. The funny part is what would happen next, because while she couldn’t immediately spot them as scammers, the second they asked her for money, she noped right the fuck out because then she knew they were trying to scam her. I just don’t understand how people who should know better fall for this stuff.


The victims are usually very lonely people, they don’t have anyone to light up their day. And there comes someone who understands them.

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