Florida poet on death row died ahead of schedule from a fentanyl overdose... somehow

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I would like to see analysis of why fentanyl is not preferred over the various not always effective cocktails currently used for execution.


He probably saw a picture of some fentanyl. I understand from police sources that that’s all it takes, and the cops wouldn’t lie to us, surely.


… not painful enough :confused:


I’ve seen a few stories like this in the news about how easy it is to lace paper with fentanyl. The phenomenon may or may not be exaggerated but it sounds like, especially as a poet, this guy may have had access to books, letters, and other paper.

Still a BS reason for prisons to keep inmates from receiving physical mail though, which many are starting to do.


That was 20 years ago, so they probably want something less woke than a lethal injection now.


I’m not really interested in coming up with a painless way for the state to execute people because I don’t think the state should ever execute people. And in some ways, less gruesome methods like lethal injection (ok, sometimes it’s still gruesome, but it’s still typically less so than other methods) just makes it easier for more people to accept it as something that’s ok, when I don’t think it is. What I would want to ask Prof. Beckler, who he interviewed in that video, is how exactly does society benefit from making that convicted killer’s death painful? I understand it makes him feel better because he believes in retribution, but what evidence does he have that retributive justice makes our society better? Maybe I can find a summary of his book. I’m curious to know what his justifications are.

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Gateway graphics.

That’s a panic attack, not fentanyl

Read the officer’s account and then ask yourself about the life of any surgical or ICU medical professional. This posits a drug that acts as a topical anesthetic, even through gloves at low doses. Lots of modern medical care would be impossible if fentanyl worked the way the cops claim. They lie. It just so happens that the article states that drugs come into the complex three ways, then only mention 2 (mail and visitors). It is poorly written apologia for what we know is the main way drugs come into jails, guards.

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