Florida prosecutor who bumbled George Zimmerman trial is really good at putting children in adult prisons for life


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Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?

No, I very much doubt that she is. Among the worst, top 20, maybe, but we’ve got a whole lot of prosecutors. Keep looking, gotta catch 'em all (by catch them, I mean expose their actions to the public, since prosecutors almost never face any sort of sanction, no matter how hideous their crimes).


What would Jesus do?


Not this?


“Corey’s Duval County represents 5% of the Florida population and 25% of its death penalty cases”

It is amazing how a group of people can commit so much crime, often at such a young age.


The problem with this particular juvenile system is it sounds like it’s designed to exacerbate, if not create, criminal behavior and even mental illness.

Six years in solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment at any age but the terrible irony is that Fernandez would only be released from solitary into the general prison population when he legally becomes an adult.

I would ask how this can happen but I know it’s because we don’t see prisoners as people.



Normally I’d suggest that she be fired and tried for her misconduct but given her behavior it may be the time to bust out an armored division. She’s doing about as much damage as a kaiju but doesn’t have one tenth of the charm.

Ah, but I’m just dreaming. It’ll be the Clinton years again, soon. The nineties are coming back and they’ve brought crime against humanity-level mistreatment of criminals, real and imagined. Joy.


Still trying to figure out how she ‘bumbled’ the Zimmerman case. How was she even supposed to prosecute it when the state itself passed laws that pretty much ok’d murder? I mean, politically she HAD to prosecute it (or someone in the DAs office) but that is the libertarian future so many people want with the ability to stalk someone with a gun, but if they attack you for doing it you can defend yourself.

Its a little hard to bumble a case when someone actually followed the very fucked up law to its actual intended outcome.


American Jesus or the Jesus that was an okay dude?



That Jesus is out of date. No hating of transgenders?


Got it, thanks for clearing that up for me!


Yeah, this was a particular disgusting thing. This kid needs help, he’s got a damaged past and very likely has mental health issues and anger issues; not prison. And this jackass of a DA thinks she’s preventing a murderer from roaming the streets? Congrats jackass, you just MADE a criminal.


Well, to be fair, if you’re planning on being way more evil than any previous Fourth District prosecutor, you might reasonably expect that to change.


My vote goes to Ed Jagels. (Not my literal vote of course, the people who put and kept him in power are monsters.)


I know what will fix this situation!

Deprive this troubled kid of human contact for 6 years, don’t educate him or socialize him, then throw him into a dehumanizing hellhole with hardened criminals!


oh I bet he’d just cry or something stupid like that. Maybe forgive him, imagine!


Wouldn’t collusion like this be against the law?


How is it possible for such different standards to be applied in different places in the US justices system? Or is this one of those places where states get to do what they want?
Also, who’s in charge of appointing prosecutors? Does she not have a boss?