Stanford rapist Brock Turner appeals sentence

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My sincere reply to Brock Turner…


This is the height of white, male entitlement right here.


Oh, and here I thought it was a “dumpster.” The very same receptacle in which I remember fantasizing about dumping this entitled piece of human garbage.


Jonsson realized the woman was passed out and chased after Turner, eventually catching and tripping him, the police report said.

And Jonsson hasn’t been sued for assault? How very un-American.


Really? Kiddo can’t take even a light sentence? Seriously, if I was the judge I would’ve probably had the jury sentence him for at least 15 years or more just to get the point across that being a rich little white boy doesn’t give you preferential treatment under the law.


I guess that, unfortunately, the judge was looking to make the opposite point. :frowning:


If he wins the appeal, is granted a new trial, and is again found guilty, can he be resentenced to a longer jail time? That would be great.




It’ll be interesting to see if this judge wants to sacrifice his or her career a-la Aaron Persky for this entitled little scumbag.


Being required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life will hurt. Not that I feel sorry for him, but I can understand that if he thinks he can get rid of it, he’ll try to appeal. There is also the possibility his lawyers are just trying to bleed him for money, knowing that his chance of success is tiny.


Nitpicking headlines being the height of rational discourse, I have to say this one seems very misleading. Appealing the sentence after already serving your time when your sentence was very light is downright insane. He’s appealing the conviction.


So there’s no chance he will receive a harsher sentence in the appeal, is there?

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Sure, cause he thinks his ability to do whatever he wants matters more than justice for the victim. As @Bernel notes, this is probably about the fact that he has to register as a sex offender, too. Given that he seems entirely unrepentant about his actions, it’s not a big surprise, I suppose, that he thinks of himself as the “real” victim in all of this.


Whose idea was this? Who could believe that overturning the sentence at this point would result in some form of redemption? I would think the best he could hope for would be to fade from public consciousness, which would be a tall order even if he never appeared in a courthouse again.

Considering the kind of people he was raised and is surrounded by (remember what his father had to say about the whole thing), no.


Waiting for the “clearly if I was really a horrible rapist I wouldn’t have had to serve just three months in prison” appeal.


The scenario @larrycovey lays out might be possible:

A quick read of layman’s legal advice says this is possible, but only if his sentence is overturned for a reason other than a lack of evidence. So if they argue the court made some kind of procedural error then he could be retried. If the appeals court agrees that the evidence was insufficient to convict him, however, then he can’t be retried.

However, since the evidence presumably included the word of the of guys who came across him committing the crime and chased him off, the idea that there is insufficient evidence is laughable. Juries won’t always believe eye witnesses, but if they do believe eye witnesses, it’s not the place of an appeals court to tell them they couldn’t believe those witnesses.

The Venn diagram of {people who rape unconscious people behind a trash can garbage recepticle} and {people who care enough about victims of sexual assault to not drag them through more court process} probably doesn’t have a lot of overlap.


Convicted rapist Brock Turner is certainly entitled to appeal his conviction as a rapist. Like all convicted rapists (like say Brock Turner) are entitled to do so.

Have they found his evil twin?


Let’s hope the appeals court will increase his sentence.