Stanford rapist Brock Turner appeals sentence

I recognize this is a terrible thing to say, but I feel like someone needs to put together a vigilante squad that tracks down rapists who avoided real legal consequences, murder them and leave a note saying, “If this guy had been in jail, he’d have been safe.” (They could do the same with murderous cops.) And then, after a sufficient number of bodies piled up, the legal system might actually start putting these fuckers away, just in an attempt to protect them, given the level of sympathy it shows them.


One suspects that he is discovering that being a Registered Sex Offender is actually far worse than a three month prison sentence. It is for the rest of your life and comes with a host of registration and residency requirements.


And here we thought Ajit Pai had one of the most punchable faces in America…

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Well, except for all those times it does.


I don’t see that Persky lost his career, or his position. He should have lost both, but nothing of consequence happened to him, unfortunately.
If I recall correctly, Persky mentioned something about both himself and the little twerp going to (and graduating at) Stanford as a factor for leniency.


To Brock Turner:


He was (properly) hounded off the criminal bench after this crappy ruling (not the first time that he favoured a rapist over a victim). Afterwards there were billboards (complete with his photo) all over the Bay Area demanding his recall, until he “decided” to move from criminal to civil court.

I agree that he should have had to turn in his robe and gavel entirely, but there is career damage. Just as Brock Turner will be forever known as a convicted rapist, Persky’s judicial legacy will be that of the judge who went easy on rapists (just like Jean Hudson Boyd will always be known as the judge who bought the “affluenza” defense for another wealthy young white male piece of garbage).


Worked out for Pistorius :slight_smile:
(to be fair, it was the prosecution that appealed, not the defense)


Is it possible they’re adjust the sentence upwards?

“Hm yes Mr. Turner, this sentence was completely inappropriate. We’ve revised your sentence to be 10 years without parole.”


In a perfect world this would result in him getting the prison sentence he deserves (something north of 4 years and less than 20 years).

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So convicted rapist Brock Turner wants to get the record straight and let you know that Brock Turner only rapes behind garbage receptacles. Brock Turner would never rape behind a trash bin.

Any other places Brock Turner accepts a rape-worthy?


Turner’s lawyers argued in their appeal filed Friday that the initial trial was “a detailed and lengthy set of lies.”

The lawyers will just keep saying that it was a bunch of lies no matter how well-documented the testimony against Turner, no matter how unlikely that there would have been a conspiracy to frame him.

This “fake news” defense keeps working for the Trumperkin, so why not, right?

If Brock Turner wants to become a far right celebrity, do a talk show circuit from Rush Limbaugh to Alex Jones and sell 50,000 copies of his eBook, then this would be a pretty good approach. For a courtroom, it’s less obvious how well it will work.


I they’ll have a better time if they switch to looking for the good twin.

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This is how I would have sentenced Brock:


double it, if he complains double it again until eventually, he will get out at the heat death of the universe.


And just think, in a few more years he will be working the Republican Party.


The Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist fan in me is giving you a + <3 on this, out of sheer emotional gratification.

But although gratifying, I don’t believe it’s the structural change needed to make a better world.

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Not the change we need, but the change we… deserve?

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Remember folks, guillotines aren’t mono purpose machines!

They work just as well on one type of inhuman shitbag as another!

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