Campus rapist given lenient sentence to avoid "severe impact on him"

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It’s possible the only reason he was caught in the first place is because the people who spotted him committing the felony were from a civilized country.

At least the victim has what the vast majority of victims never get: conviction of the criminal.


And, with it, if it makes anybody feel any better:

[For the rest of his life, Turner will have to register as a convicted sex offender. That effectively closes many career avenues. It’s a permanent blight.] (


But…the guy is a rapist. That’s a sickness that requires enormously invasive levels of treatment, if it can even be treated at all.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


Travesty of law.

As nice as he may be - which I’m not so sure of, given his rape conviction - he should be jailed for a long time as an example to others.

Kids - don’t get drunk and rape people - it’s illegal, and not nice. It’s illegal for good reason too - research “impact of rape on victims” for some pointers.


His biggest “accomplishments” were being born white and privileged.


Is this the fucking onion? Severely impacting someone’s life is part of the punishment process! Don’t get me wrong, in some cases I do beleive a person should be elidgable to either not get put on the sexual offender list or on review be allowed to be removed from that list since it will ruin their life as badly or worse than a felony conviction itself will.

However I subscribe to rape being a special kind of evil. So I don’t understand. Keep it in your fucking pants, I don’t care if it was about sex, or power, or revenge, or whatever .I don’t bloody fucking care you massive tool. Keep your dick in your pants. No means No.


He needs a sever impact on him if he’s ever to learn what he did was a shitty shitty thing.


Whoe …[quote=“shadowdiver, post:3, topic:79075, full:true”]
Next time you catch a rapist…off him before the police show up

I’m sure in the heat of the moment it sounds like a plan… but some dude in NYC did just that and is now on the receiving end of charges.


This really is abhorrent. Maybe the problem is that the minimum sentence needs to be upped so that jackass judges have their hands tied?


Son of a bitch


Brock Allen Turner, 20, raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.

In this instance “frontier” justice would be fine with me.


:clap: exactly!!!

how long is this going to impact his victim’s life?

judge, what if it was your daughter?

i’d bet the lives of the two people who had to stop him and chase him down will even be affected more then 6 months!


The sad part there might be that the judge needed to envision the victim is his daughter in order to arrive at an appropriate sentence.

Edit: Not the saddest. The saddest is that a woman was raped. Next up is that the dude pretty much gets a slap on the wrist. He’ll be home for Christmas.




Hey now, do you have any idea how hard it is to choose the right parents?


I hate to say it, but this sort of classist misogyny is not uncommon. During a recent discussion of an engineer who was caught drugging a woman’s drink last week the following horrendous sentences were uttered:

“How do they know he wasn’t just putting aspirin in her drink?”
“So she didn’t drink it? Well, then nothing happened.”
“They’re sending him to jail instead of letting him do his important work and pay taxes and contribute? That’s stupid.”


Given I’m white/male I really don’t want this to sound like i"m defending this guy (both because he has no defense nor do I feel he deserves any. Help to un-learn whatever made him think it was OK? Yes. Kindness? He has to work back up to that.) But… my fear with mandatory minamums is what happens when an innocent gets fingered?

What about that kid that gets hounded and put on a list even though everyone directly involved knows he doesn’t deserve it (because they were in a state romeo and juliat laws aren’t a thing so still statutory even though it’s like… a year seperation.) Or a case where the guy himself got abused to the point it’s somehow normal enough he continues the cycle and never got help.

I’m not sure how I can square that. This kid I want to throw into a meat grinder, then pour the bits left over out to try drumming ‘KEEP YOUR DICK TO YOURSELF’ into his head along with figuring out why he thought rape was OK…

But I hate minamum mandatory sentencing. I especially hate it because look at what it did for drug arrests. Minorities everywhere getting turbofucked. I do not feel it would be any better applied here.


No kidding, some of us get the white male part down and still screw up on the whole money and connections part of the selection process.