Rapist Brock Turner texted pals photos of victim's breasts

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His parents must be so proud.


Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ-on-a-gilded-ivory-crutch, what an asshole.

If I learn anything more about this scrotum of a human being, I’m going to start running out of hyphens.


best part of all this I feel will be that its going to be one hell of a civil suit if she files one.


Oh god PLEASE file a civil suit. Please pretty please.
I can’t help but imagine this fuckface isn’t feeling a bit smug- thinking he’s going to come out of this relatively ok.
And then. Then a monster-goddamn civil suit. Work him over well and truly.
And since he likely doesn’t have a ton of assets in his own name, might as well rope in the dad, too, as his letter and whatnot surely contributed to her ongoing situation.
It will in no way make up for what’s been done for her, but it’ll maybe help get this dickhole the punishment he actually deserves.


So he was always a predatory douchebag? It’s pretty damn egregious to think you can get away with dragging a woman behind a dumpster. I just figured he had to have gotten away with a pile of other sexual assault behavior to be so bold as to think he could do that.


if this guy does not get a name change and color his hair and move and keep a low profile or spend a lot of money on private security he’s got a deathwish.


His parents may not have considered suicide yet, but give it time. How do you change an intolerable, immutable reality? You try, and you fail, and you try, and you fail again. For the rest of their lives, their son will be a convicted rapist.


Whereas until now he was just a regular rapist.

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By the time you hear about a first-time rapist, he’s probably not a first-time rapist. It’ll merely be his first conviction.

And not even his first arrest. He could have been charged in the past, and the charges dropped when the woman doesn’t want to be dragged through court. And so the record disappears. When he’s finally convicted for a rape, he’s given a light sentence as a “first-time offender.” I’ve seen this happen.


…b-b-b-but I heard it was just “20 minutes of action??” Completely out of character for a fine young man who had lived 20 years as an upstanding citizen?


And given that in this case he targeted an unconscious woman who later had no recollection of him at all and was only connected to the assault because he was caught in the act, if he had done this before without being caught, no one would even be associating him with the crime (which in all likelihood wouldn’t have even been reported). So we can’t even say that previous victims would have come forward when this case went high-profile - any previous victims wouldn’t even be aware he was the perpetrator.
I was reading about a local case where a guy was caught in the act of raping two women, and they found that many years previously someone had accused him of rape but the prosecutor pressured the victim to drop the charges. DNA on the latest rape revealed that in between the two other cases, he had raped and murdered someone (that they had on file, locally). So that first conviction came after the point where he went from serial rapist to (probably also serial) killer.



Oh, his parents are . . . incredible. Truly a charming family all around.


That’s usually the progression, especially for guys who get off on unconscious women. This guy is just a serial killer waiting to gain a little more experience.


What’s shocking is how those predatory behaviors are generally tolerated and normalized by high school and college athletic programs and alumni.


Indeed, the headline never seems to be “university accused of covering up sex crimes committed by chess club.”


To be fair, they’re pretty obsessed with defending queens.


This is why the Slate.com column bothered me so much when it argued against victim impact statements. If I’m not mistaken, Turner’s sister wrote a character reference for his sentencing in which she said her brother was influenced by the party atmosphere at Stanford. Apparently, she was not truthful as she knew he was prone to go out and “rage,” and enquired about it at least once.