Rapist Brock Turner texted pals photos of victim's breasts

Yeah - how is that?!?

There is room in the world of sexual assault for the assaulter, in certain specific circumstances, to be one that we should have some empathy for. Those who sexually assault people are flawed human beings, and, in rare and exceptional circumstances, one might extend some compassion to them and remember that they are not total monsters. This doesn’t forgive their acts, but it can lead you to remembering that they are people who maybe shouldn’t be treated like living incarnations of evil.

The most compassionate thing you can say about Brock Turner seems to be to say that he needs serious psychological help and probably to be locked up so that he is not a danger to others until he can get that help.

This is not the behavior of someone who got caught up in “party culture.” This is the behavior of a predator who sees other human beings as things to manipulate for his own satisfaction. His freedom makes the world less safe.

I can only hope that the publicity of his case makes it difficult for him to find his next victim.


This crime is so inconvenient for this family, right? I mean she can’t even decorate the new house? “WHY? WHY?”


Again I am just at a loss for words with this case. It is like not going to just go rape someone, lets double down on it and take pictures too! Yeah this kid is getting way too light a sentence for this.
And the family is not doing anything to look like they are good people either, I mean even if you are sociopathic dickbags have the common sense not to come across that way to the press.


This entire thread is a crime against photography. Poorly focused images, Poorly framed images. Poorly metered images…

What’s that, you say? I shouldn’t dwell on the trivialities of photography, as they detract from the crime Brock Tuner committed? I could say the same of this article.

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Values that increase the risk of and decrease protections from rape are institutionally celebrated and normalized too frequently in boys’ high school and college athletic programs. You disagree?


i hope the judge gets reviewed for letting a rapist off with such a light sentence based on “his word” contrary to all supporting evidence. that’s the kind of thing that makes me think he should no longer be a judge.


What the hell kind of judge takes a convicted criminal ‘at his word’? Aren’t convicted perps the sort of population whose honesty is considered to be of limited value?


He was such a nice boy
He used to cut the grass


I’m not usually one to call for the death penalty.

I want him to burn in a fire.

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well he’ll be out in 3 months if him and his bunghole survive prison. personally i hope he survives but his bunghole does not.

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Judge Aaron Persky said he took Brock Turner “at his word” when he sentenced the onetime college swimming star on sexual assault charges.

“At his word”, I can’t stop laughing, really that takes the cake.



But he pinkie promised to stop raping people!



I like Ken White’s piece on the judge’s misplaced empathy:

So you won’t find defense lawyers like me cheering Brock Turner’s escape from appropriate consequences. We see it as a grim reminder of the brokenness of the system. We recognize it as what makes the system impossible for many of our clients to trust or respect. And we know that when there’s a backlash against mercy and lenient sentences – when cases like this or the “affluenza” kid inspire public appetite for longer sentences – it’s not the rich who pay the price. It’s the ones who never saw much mercy to begin with.

There are two ways to see good fortune and bad fortune. You can say “someone who has enjoyed good fortune should be held to a higher standard, and someone who has suffered bad fortune should be treated with more compassion.” But America’s courts are more likely to say “someone who has enjoyed good fortune has more to lose, and someone who has suffered bad fortune can’t expect any better.”

Judge Persky and his ilk can’t stop being human. But they are bound by oath to try to be fair. When a judge says you are very fortunate and therefore it would be too cruel to interrupt that good fortune just because you committed a crime, they are not being fair. For shame.


Did bb just republish an image of a rape victim’s naked profile? Holy fuck! Talk about unnecessary. The verbal description was enough. Add me to the spreadsheet of people disappointed with bb, please.

Umm where? I just went through the whole article again to see if I missed anything and no not seeing the pictures in question.

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I don’t know what you’re looking at, but I don’t think that @xeni would publish either the photo or the victim’s name. Also, I don’t think courts release any photos of victims on order to protect their anonymity.

Are you still disappointed?