Brock Turner's actual booking photo


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Late stage douche-baggery.


Thanks for going after the photo.


And it’s obviously hereditary, too.


Roger That!


To be fair, he looked pretty creepy in the supposedly “favorable” photo as well.


That Ray Weiss rictus grin was chilling. What a fucking piece of shit.


I think we can infer from that mugshot that he was no angel.


Ah, but is he dark enough to look thuggish?


Agreed. I tried to find it yesterday just going about it online. I wonder how hard it was to get, and who else asked for it and didn’t get it, or did they bother to ask? I think the issue of who blocked it is interesting.


Both agencies – the arresting agency (Stanford U) and the sheriff dept. that charged him both said nope until today. In fact, Stanford was still noping earlier today. Minds changed! As they often do when everyone is paying attention.



Being drunk doesn’t give you those red eyes. Bet they didn’t test for that.


Thank you for doing this! I had the same impulse to find the photo and know why yesterday, I feel like my mind meld communications power was working since we are on the same wavelink about this.
After reading the letter from the woman he raped I knew that he would look drunk or wasted and not the clean cut swimmer he was shown as in the photo. I feel that both photos are useful to show. Again that you for your work on this.


Yeah, and some times they purposefully print old pictures, or even doctored pictures - depends on what narrative they are trying to weave.

Also, evidently Judge Aaron Persky was the Captain of the Stanford lacrosse team. Wondering if that has a hand in this…


They do that with victims sometimes too, such as with Trayvon Martin.


Yeah, a couple of blunts, certainly. Maybe even a beer or two, but he does not look like a person who was under the influence of alcohol as portrayed. Of course, it goes without saying that his behavior was influenced by the alcohol in the victim’s bloodstream, but . . .


Jesus. He looks like he’s wearing a hazmat coverall. What the hell was he planning?


That seems like an absurd conclusion to make? It’s likely hours transpired between assault and booking… not to mention that even if this was taken immediately a single photo is no way to properly discern level of intoxication.

Police who questioned him noted that he was intoxicated, which generally goes beyond “a beer or two” - not that it even matters here at all. Intoxication level doesn’t really move the needle in either direction on how terrible committing rape is.


This photo was likely taken after his clothing was confiscated as evidence. So it might actually be a hazmat suit.


Dude now has felony convictions, is a registered sex offender, and you folks are carping about whether or not he should have a couple extra years of custodial sentence?

His life as he knew it is over. Every dream he may have had has now been pissed away. He screwed up & ruined someone else’s life, but he’s also ruined his as well.

40 years from now he will still be ticking the “Are you a convicted felon” checkbox. Everytime he moves into a neighborhood, his neighbors will know how he spent his college years. His chances at anything resembling a decent job are toast, because they all are subject to background checks that he doesn’t have a hope in hell of passing.

Don’t waste your energy getting worked up about the custodial sentence, or lack thereof. He’s done. Focus your energies giving support to organizations that support victims of people like him.