Fly over Pluto in animated NASA video from New Horizons. Higher-res, stereo images are on the way. From space


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They must be on Comcat.

On a more serious note, they should investigate those grey, totally featureless areas along the edge on the (dwarf) planet. They look artificial!


Norgay Mountains! I love it.


That’s no dwarf planet…


So amazing. I get emotional when I think of the amazing things our species is capable of when it comes to exploration, our quest for knowledge, and our desire to learn more about our place in the universe.

No matter how fucked up the worst aspects of our species can be, I just feel that they’re dwarfed (heh) by such astonishing things as exploring Pluto.


Space… cool…


Yep. If your mind is not blown by this, rovers on Mars, probes on comets etc etc… you’re not paying attention.


And then our minds get blown in the opposite direction when we realize it costs less to go to Pluto than it does to build a sports stadium, but no one fusses about taxpayer costs and lack of return on investment when it comes to those.


Because football.


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