FMV games make their glorious return

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You forgot about Tex Murphy! As I teen I was hooked on these and 7th Guest/11th hour. Do they hold up? Not really, but they are fun to go back to every now and then.

The makers of the ol’ Tex Murphy FMV games crowdfunded a new Murphy adventure Tex Murphy- The Tesla Effect a year or two ago.

For fans of the series it’s a great game, full of cheesy graphics and silly dialogue. I think people who didn’t grow up with FMV games wouldn’t really enjoy it as it relies heavily on nostalgia.


The 7th Guest still haunts my dreams.

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Today’s vastly cheaper video production and distribution tech make this forgotten genre ripe for indie experimentation. I wonder what else is being invented.

I would totally read an entire book about the King’s Quest series. Memories!

Speaking of The 7th Guest, it looks like a Kickstarter for a new sequel has finally succeeded.

[quote=“telecinese, post:4, topic:63616, full:true”]Today’s vastly cheaper video production and distribution tech make this forgotten genre ripe for indie experimentation.[/quote]I have indeed seen a clips of a couple of FMV-ish games on XBox Live Indie Games. They … are about the quality you’d expect from something on XBLIG.

Seems to me the Phoenix Wright games are practically FMV, as best exemplified by the closely-related Harvey Birdman game (a short but amusing diversion).

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I still suck at its puzzles.

I remember playing it in a local CompUSA store with its demo(nstration) machine. I got a crowd watching me suck at it before my queen ant told me to go. Haha.

Actually replaying Gabriel Knight II right now. Man, the first one has aged so much better.

It looks like Contradiction uses the same comedy as Broken Sword, with the showing of bizarre objects to people with a flourish.
Although it has the same dodgy “I’m an out of work actor” feel along with all the rest of the FMV games out there.
The Tesla Tex Avery game has a great atmosphere, albeit a lonely one. And more cheese than MIDI music, especially that bar tender!

Somewhere Trip Hawkins is telling his wife how he was right all along but just 20 years too early.

I still think interactive movies are rubbish.

I love how one of their stretch goals is “No Debt for Developers!”

One of the best FMVs (and adventures) I played in recent years is Cloud Chamber.

Basically, a collection of videos is telling you a story but videos are all fragmented and scattered around mysterious database and you have to make sense around them, i. e. make up your own theory. However, there’s a commenting system embedded into a game and actually works as a core mechanic. In order to advance through the story, you have to gain enough upvotes (likes) and comments on your comment on particular video. Community is awesome and very friendly, opposed to majority of other MMO games.

Unfortunately, game hasn’t gained much traction so the fiercest and most exciting discussions were led at the time of the launch, one year ago. Now there’s not much players around it. But I think the weird SF story is still worth exploring, even through a bit clunky 3D interface.

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