Fogcon: cozy, Wiscon-style San Francisco science fiction convention


So is James Tiptree, Jr. going to appear late or is he deceased like the proverbial parrot?

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the Guests of Honor are Seanan McGuire, Tim Powers, and the late James Tiptree, Jr.

That seems…problematic.

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Hopefully it will not have Wiscon-style norovirus.

No sweat; we’ll just boot up a hologram from the memory engram backup.

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Other cons have a tradition of a “memorial GOH”. Also, Tiptree was the pen name of Alice Sheldon, who, as far as I know, self identified as “she”.

Oh, no, same time as Consonance! And we’ll have to share Seanan with them, instead of keeping her for ourselves!

Just sayin… nothing about San Fran seems very cozy these days.

Rooms for FOGconners at the Marriott at Walnut Creek are only $99 per night +tax … sort of cozy? And Walnut Creek’s on the BART, so if you want to come for the Con but throw in some sight-seeing, it’s maybe an hour from San Francisco.

Walnut Creek counting as part of San Francisco is perfectly in keeping with a theme of wildly speculative fiction.

This is the convention where I first got to know anyyyyyone local in the SF Bay Area geekdom. It is great fun.

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