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Amazing. I happen to be a fairy in the form of a sheep.


Mine was more popul vuh - I’m being pursued by a magic calabash!

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Elementary spirits borne by human women.

They just wanna have fu-un.

“Punishment: head split into many pieces.”

Looks like my story is going to have a bit of a dark flavor.

Andy’s got a horror movie poster as well. See

I feel slightly bad about revealing the text file behind the curtain but it’s not really generative! Still great though.

“God deliberately has enemies kill him.” - hey, I think I’ve heard that one somewhere!


I’d guess that the generative part happened before the presentation.

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The two word results also function as a pretty damned good alt-rock band name generator. (“Hostile Horse”, “Mighty Sleeper”…)

Sheldon Klein and his students were doing this in the early 70s:
Klein’s MEta-Symbolic Simulation SYstem (MESSY) was written in FORTRAN (using punchcards) and run on a Univac.

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Our very own @othermichael wrote a very similar folklore generator based on Vladimir Propp’s categorizations.

Online anywhere?

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Here’s one:
Also: (which is, IIRC, a variation on a twitter version of fairytalesbot – whose URL I have forgotten – with certain key words replaced with firearm-related terms)

The thing was originally part of a NaNoGenMo project, and given some time I could dig up the novel-length version probably.

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