This monster name generator spits out 10 random names for monsters every time you click it

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I wrote a javascript-based B-Movie Horror Title Generator something like 15 years ago when I was taking web design classes.

Examples include:

Victorian Microsoft Certified Drug Addicts from Planet X!
The Horror of the Fire-Breathing Sexist Conspiracy Theorists!
Advent of the World-Conquering Hemorrhaging Jelly Fish!
Return of the Deceptively Cute Egomaniacal MMORPGers!
Attack of the Gun-Toting Zombie Certified Public Accountants from the Forest!

Initial versions of it had problems like using Nazi as an adjective and a noun, so you could sometimes get results for Nazi Nazis.


Good band name generator.


I’d hate to meet The True Brute but probably have previous.

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I got a “Cindercat” which clearly is the other pet that Fire Giants keep around beyond Hellhounds.

I’ll have to work something up here for my 5e campaign. I assume they knock large stuff off from shelves. Do fire damage with their claws, but will chase after the target of any magic missile, death ray, or any sort of point-effect weapons.


Been using this site religiously for years, dunno how I’d run RPGs without it. I used to struggle to come up with multiple NPC names on the fly, usually by looking around the room (“Yeah, the shopkeeper is called, erm, hold on… Coaster… erm… Hardback. Yeah, that’s it. Meet Coaster Hardback!”). Sometimes the generated names are garbage, but it throws up some real gems now and again.

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Fear… the Grumpy Man!


Well I am here in this thread with you.

Also there are others around here. You may be surrounded and we are growing a lawn under you that we can tell you to get off.


That AI was dangerously close to coming up with “Taintface”

I’m fine thanks.

“I call that one Clarence… and that one there is Jim… and that’s Penny-lope over there.”

“And what do you call that one by the piano?”

“I call 'im the pianist mate.”

That site is my go-to for all my naming needs when I write. People, creatures, cities, regions… love it.

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