Following the key Trans-Pacific Partnership senator with a 30' blimp


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From the cited techdirt article

The USTR’s lame response to all of this is that any member of Cong[re]ss is allowed to come to its office and see the text of the negotiating documents.

Someone has, presumably, already drawn attention to the leopard?


I’ll ask again - why on earth are Congressional Republicans in such a hurry to hand over their Constitutional authority to the Kenyan usurper? That’s by far the fishiest part of the entire deal. The only possible explanation I can see is they know it’s an awful treaty that will harm people in all the ways Republicans like to harm people, and this way the President takes the blame. Can anybody think of any other possibility? Aside from Voldemort or something?


I suspect that your theory is largely correct. The only addition I would make is noting the similarity to how a fair chunk of the right reacts to Putin: they don’t like him, because he’s the enemy and all; but when he starts exuding his heady musk of authoritarian power and unclean money they just can’t help but start swooning.

I assume that some similar political pheromones are at work in this case. Whatever is actually written in the TPP must just smell so good that you can’t even pick out the off notes of sharia muslimism and democrat party socialism.


Important question… Some quite similar shenanigans are happening in Europe over the TTIP, the Atlantic-side mirror of TPP. What can be done here to stop this, to replay the defeat ACTA deservedly got?

Well, we can always hope and pray that some brave soul will have the balls to leak what must be some really draconian shit that was put in there, probably by the MPAA and RIAA.

Like major sentences for downloading a video or a song, or maybe they just make you ‘disappear’… Why else would they be so ‘paranoid’ about releasing the content??? It’s gotta be something huge!


The Republicans are crazy, but not crazy enough to skip a chance to further enrich their rich Benefactors/puppet masters.

Maybe somebody like Grayson can leak the thing in an attempt to undermine it, like a play out of the republican playbook to undermine the agreement with Iran.

I think it’s a balloon and not a blimp. An aerostat but not an airship. To qualify as a blimp it has to have the ability to fly free under its own power, rather than simply be blown about by the wind or dragged by tethers.

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