ACT NOW! Congress wants to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership


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Oh, the irony of asking a Republican controlled Congress to undo a Democratic President’s policy.


I simply don’t understand why a Republican Congress is in such a hurry to hand over their authority to Obama, Suddenly the Communist Atheist Fascist Muslim has won their trust, so they don’t need to read the fine print?

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please-- this is one of those things like using drones to kill people on the soil of nations we aren’t at war with and collecting data on all the cell phones and internet searches in the world that makes the typical republican party member get serious wood. the only reason they would block this is because of an extreme case of obama derangement syndrome.


America, land of the not free, home of the not brave.

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I think the biggest tell with this is this: Every country that is talking about TPP is experiencing pushes to fast-track this WITHOUT debate. If this is the case, it’s very obvious that no COUNTRY is in control of this agreement. It’s not between governments if this is the case. And that is downright scary. Yes I am preaching to the converted. It’s always been about ‘business’, but it shouldn’t be business that dictates it.


Seriously, why bother? No matter how many times we fight this, they’ll just keep bringing it back until they win, because they can. It’s much, much easier for them to keep re-introducing the bills than it is for us to fight them.

We’re treating the symptoms and ignoring the root causes. Why don’t we discuss what those are, and what we can do about them? One obvious root cause is too much money in politics, and one solution for that would be the Constitutional amendment people are pushing for.

Another cause is a two-party system that outsiders can’t break into because of the spoiler effect, so the two parties race each other to the bottom. That’s a structural defect. Most constitutional democracies recognize that parties are inevitable and work with them through proportional representation. The US has a very early-model constitution with some bad bugs; the founders thought if they ignored parties they would go away. Bad mistake.

Another is bad parliamentary rules that allow our dear representatives to fast-track important things without much debate or time for public input. Those rules should change. We need to demand that those rules change, and remember who was on our side come November. Every November.

What other root causes can anyone think of?

Cool! TPP will do quite a bit to liven up trade and jobs here in Japan.

For what price?

These guys liked secret treaties too:

Stalin and Ribbentrop after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.


Why would I share that with anybody? It’s so densely larded with jargon I couldn’t read it, and I’m kind of politically aware.

Thank goodness radicals on the right do the same thing - make up clever names like “O’Bummer” and batshit acronyms that make it impossible for normal people to read the comments on Red State and get their brains all infected.

Why bother? Because we can.


If you put a little more effort into it, you could have godwined the thread.

If it is so good, why we the people cannot know more about it in advance?

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Its like a birthday present that way

There’s a fine line that I was tempted to step over, but it would have been too easy.

“Socks”, he said. “I’m getting Socks for my fucking Birthday.”


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