Now that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is finalized, the real fight starts


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Maybe having a do-nothing Congress will finally pay off?


All we have to do is let the GOP know that Obama is for this and they will do everything they can to kill it, just on principle.


They are NOT going to publish it. They CAN’T. They will go to any chicanery length to delay that, post is censored, have technical difficulties, and vote it in anyway for Obama to sign. Then any challenge will be unable to undo the fait accompli and will at worst bring minor sanctions to some scapegoat.


Or, as Dave Pell calls it, the Pacific Rim Job.


It makes you wonder if this is the future of free world. China is taking over as the dominant economic force in the world. Assuming it doesn’t lead to war as this situation often does, is this Communist, authoritarian regime going to dictate these secret deals that override democratic laws for the next century much the same way the United States had its way in trade agreements previously? Just how powerless are we going to be against such a juggernaut when not even their own people have a voice to stop it?


Wait! We’re still talking about the USA, right?



Oh no, they’ll manage to get this thing through, probably without too much bi-partisan bickering. You underestimate the sway of corporations in getting stuff like this through and in crafting a consensus on issues like trade.


I thought the Chinese had largely dropped out of most of the negotiations?


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