Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine kicks off tour to fight the TPP

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Still? I’d have expected him to make his peace with the machine by now.


Huzzah positive people!

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Transgressive Plundering of Public-property

From the Rock Against the TPP homepage:

What can we do about it?

The TPP text has already been finalized, but before it becomes law, U.S. Congress must approve it. With all the extreme secrecy and blatant corruption surrounding this deal, it’s not hard to see why voters from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly oppose it. Even all the leading presidential candidates are against it! But pro-TPP members of Congress are still plotting to rush the TPP to a vote this Fall. They want to do it quietly. That’s why we need to get loud.

A bunch of people attend a music festival, learn more about the TPP through teach-ins, add their name to a national petition instructing U.S. Congress to vote ‘no’ on the TPP, and then go home.

Someone enlighten me, because that sounds about as effective as f—k-all.

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