Food fight ensues at Walgreens between brazen thief and intervening shopper

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I thought Walgreens was decamping San Francisco for better pastures?


Why on Earth would one intervene for shopliftlifting? That’s how people get hurt. Let the Walgreens, or the insurance, handle it.

ETA: Sounds like the security guy says the same. Also, I love how the dog in the background nopes out :laughing:


No kidding. I confronted people about masks in the past two years because I felt sorry for the employees who were constantly having to deal with maskholes, but theft? No thanks. The insurance company can take a swing if they like.


It’s disappointing to see these narratives reproduced here. Citations Needed had a helpful episode going into some of the missing context.


Still, if someone pelted me that hard with bananas, I think it opens the door to give him what for.

I mean, the shoplifter was being a total dick in his approach, and demonstrated that he didn’t have any weapons deadlier than a banana. :man_shrugging:



Yeah, a banana to the face is a whoopin’.

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If it is organized crime, it is hard to know what the business model is. Selling large volumes of goods online requires a good storage and distribution system as well. Apart from the one example cited, where is the evidence of that? As the article says though, it is really about wealth inequality. I don’t want to condone the shoplifters, but there is something seriously wrong with a world in which doing this seems the only viable option, organized crime or no.


Plantaen Assault is a third-degree folly. Safer to just look at it.


Why would anyone bother taking video with their phone and risk getting punched or shot, when these stores are already loaded with surveillance cameras galore? The only way I’d do it is if there was a good chance my footage would net me a reward. Or maybe if I could sell it as an NFT.


Hmm, people are having it real rough lately with no light at the end of the tunnel. Things are getting more expensive with the cost of many goods rising higher than inflation, therefore increasing company profits. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. And also thefts are up.

All these things must be unrelated.


Oh, so we’re still pushing the corporate-manufactured myth of a shoplifting epidemic in San Francisco which conveniently serves their PR needs of closing stores? That’s been pretty well debunked, but the media still insists on it. Sigh.

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