Food reviewer really likes American cheese


Again? Or still?

Remember: I put ketchup inside my burritos, too.


Do you drown baby goats for fun, too, you monster?

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As a kid, my next door neighbor in the suburbs somehow accidentally got on the government-food list, and every month they’d get a bin dropped off with bulk flour, rice, dried milk, and cheese, which they’d share with friends. The cheese didn’t taste all that great, and weirdly it wouldn’t melt in the microwave. It just got really hot, but stayed a solid block. Melted OK in a pan, though.


Sure. In ketchup.

But we always called 'em Pigs In A Blanket.


There is such a thing as American cheese, but this reviewer has it confused with cheese food product. Which is not cheese.


That’s not a “pig in a blanket” :open_mouth: These are Pigs in a Blankets!

Pork Sausage wrapped in bacon… yummm.

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I got Google Images on my side, for what little that’s worth.

I think what you have there is “pig in a foreskin.”

But it’s probably delicious.


Probably? Is bacon nicer than pastry? A mere ‘probably’?




I know, right? But somehow, yeah… a warm buttery pastry vs warm, not-too-crispy bacon?

I honestly wouldn’t be able to choose between the two.

I said “probably” 'cause god knows what that sausage is made of.


The bacon can get proper crispy if you do them correctly. We normally have them at Christmas and they eclipse all the turkey and whatnot; to the extent that we make more and more Pigs in Blankets, and less and less of the other stuff. It will end up as Pigs in Blankets and Cranberry Sauce… drooling… making… keyboard… slippery…


A meatloaf sandwich.


I think you just discovered the ultimate treyf.


These are the Pigs in a Blanket I grew up with:


Where I grew up these were pigs in a blanket.


Does that feature Maple Syrup?


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Always relevant when food comes up: