Food reviewer really likes American cheese


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I retch at the mere mention of that shit.


I didn’t know that cheese ate anything.


Nothing defines the United States of America better.

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At one point growing up, we had a 5 pound block of US government “American Cheese.” The somewhat ironic thing is that about the only thing it was good for was nachos…The taste wasn’t great, but it melted to a very smooth consistency, in exactly the way that cheddar sometime doesn’t.


That’ll do, algorithms, that’ll do:


I don’t consider it “orange.” I consider it “Presidential”



typing down here to satisfy BB


It’s pretty good when melted for nachos or on a burger.


Making Cheese Grate Again!


I am rather unpleasantly reminded of George Orwell’s folksy bullshit phase.


A grilled cheese sandwich with Kraft Singles is the pure joy sought all our lives but only found in the Saturday mornings of childhood. A grilled cheese sandwich with some other cheese is just a grilled cheese sandwich.


Love cheese,any type but kind of ashamed to admit my favorite is Velveta.


It must be a remainder of my white trash upbringing, but… it’s a requirement for a proper toasted cheese sandwich!



Hi everyone. Mr Bad Influence here.

Kraft Singles: absolutely perfect and irreplaceable for cheeseburgers. Also excellent for cheesesteaks (especially the Steak-Umm trailer-trash variant). I also prefer 'em for ham sandwiches and breakfast burritos.

Dogs love 'em, too.


He can write a whole book about how great American cheese is; and he would still be wrong.


Everybody, stay calm. It’s not as if he were putting ketchup on hot dogs or something like that.


He’d be extra-correct if he did.


Who the fuck puts ketchup on a sandwich?