For delicious corn, boil water, add corn, turn off heat, and cover for 10-30 min

Col. Potter : Well, I like fresh corn. I mean real fresh corn. So I think maybe I’ll just take a hot plate out to the garden, make a pot of boiling water, then I won’t even pick that corn - I’ll bend that stalk till the ear dips into the water, and I’ll eat it right there standing up. Scrumptious!


That may have reflected Wolfe’s limitations, though. He lived in a city and never left his home. He didn’t have access to a charcoal grill. One does much the same thing when grilling corn, but not for nearly as long. I wonder what all that’s about.


The trick is that the water cools down enough after 10ish minutes that it isn’t really cooking anymore. It can then sit like that for a while and be nice and hot.

I personally always make corn this way. It comes out nice and sweet and the long time window lets you focus on other things. I have waited over 30 minutes and it was fine.


Nope. 4 minutes in the microwave, husk-on. Just as good as any of these suggestions.


BTW there’s a similar recipie for carrots on Serious Eats.

They are freaking amazing.


My friends from Kansas used to say that every summer!


I would love to get Tariq’s (aka “Corn Kid”, aka official “Corn-bassador of South Dakota”) thoughts on this beauty:


This recipe is tempting, but unfortunately around here when we have fresh sweet corn available, no way would I want to roast something in the oven for 40 minutes. No AC and it’s too hot out already to be heating up the house.
For the same reason, like others, I microwave it 3-5 minutes in the husk (depending on whether it’s straight from the fridge) and it’s delicious. But it’s a “one at a time” thing, so kind of limited.
I’m tempted by some of these tips, though, for when we have people over or want something a little more special.


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