For rent on Airbnb: Hunter S. Thompson's Woody Creek guest cabin

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In one week every loose board, lumpy piece of plaster and article of upholstered furniture will be torn apart by people looking for one of Hunter’s forgotten stashes.

Does it come with a Luger so you can have a gun fight with the neighbors?


“to turn the property, including their living quarters, into a museum and writer’s retreat.”

Not sure that this is its highest, best usage.

Erm, perhaps the elk should be culled before renting this out if there’s “elk droppings that gradually rises towards a mountain range”.I mean, that’s a LOT of elk droppings.


i remember when he tried to shoot down don johnson’s helicopter for flying over his land and the cops couldn’t convince him he wasn’t within his rights.

in that video our house was the one immediately to the left out of frame, my brother and i spent many childhood days on the mountain he was shooting at.

my pet goat casey ate all the fringe off of one of his rugs when she broke into his place one day.

and the peacocks, my god the sound of those peacocks when they were randy. :scream: sounded like the mountains were full of kids screaming for help.


Despite all my attempts, I couldn’t locate the actual listing on Airbnb, I suspect it’s been removed.

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YOU lived next to Hunter S Thomspson? Well that certainly beats all my childhood stories…

I did visit a “neighbor” when I was real little who had farm with a lot of animals, including some peacocks and I’d get a feather or two on a visit.

The most interesting neighbor I had was an old Swedish lady who I interviewed for a class project once.


I guess for rabid Hunter S Thompson fans who want to have coffee with his widow, it’d be worth it, but holy shitbeans that’s an expensive Airbnb.

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