Hobbit house above Washington lake now available on Airbnb

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/19/hobbit-house-above-washington.html

The nice part about renting this out is the owners don’t have to worry about sex stains on the sheets, unlike most hotels/BnBs.


I keed! I keed!


Heated floors? Nice for humans, but I’d imagine with all that extra hair, a Hobbit’s feet tend toward over-warm…


Explain that to my cat.


Is Kristie married? because if she isn’t…MY LORD PLEASE CALL ME!!!


This is God returning your call as requested and with a reminder to watch the creeper level.

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its not creepy to think that someone who can build a Hobbit house is a total catch.


Thinking that? Not at all.

I agree with quorihunter, at the risk of also being labeled “creepy”, there are some of us out there who really dig the skilled and creative type and she’s putting her skills and creativity to fantastic use. good luck to her i say, she’s great.


A few thoughts… I grew up in the area and Orondo is a blip on the Columbia River in North Central Washington (not the Gorge). I’m curious what “lake” is being referenced, as its not clear from the listing, and I think they mean a broad, calm part of the river known as Lake Entiat. There is a great cider works there, with amazing donuts, though.

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