Video of the new "Penobscot River Monster" in Maine


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There is another lake Champlain in Michigan?


Hey, Lake Champlain is a pretty great lake, but it’s not a Great Lake.

I’d say the Penobscot footage would be interesting if this thing were moving contrary to the current, instead of drifting along like a tree branch. From the guy’s commentary it doesn’t sound like even he thinks it’s a monster.


there are several species of Nessie’s, some are Fir & some are Oak, but they don’t interbreed.


Looks like a big poop floating down stream.


Log ness monster


You can tell it’s totally fake because of all the black on my screen all around the supposed video. Clearly if this were a real video, it would take up my entire screen. :rolling_eyes:


…or if it were moving at all.


Looks like a log to me. I would expect a living thing to be, well a little more animated. The “neck” isn’t moving any more than just what you would expect from normal bobbing on the waves and it’s not moving side to side or diving at all. Just seems to be drifting with the current.


I love how it stays perfectly still and never moves. It is almost like a log floating down the river.


Nope. Champ is a strictly Vermont/NY thing. This is a story where Cryptozoology and Cryptocartography collide.


Came here for this.


Mock away you mockers, who’s going to save you when it’s under your bed?


What about the Skegness Monster?


I thought it might be 45 for a sec, but it’s not orange and have crappy hair.

Might be Nessie on holiday then.


Lake Champlain isn’t in fucking Michigan.


Messy Nessie.


wooo Mysterious Universe, lets get weird up in here


The Mainers I know (I’m married to one) know a log floating down the river when they see one and they can have a pretty dry sense of humor. I think folks have been trolled.