Snow White's cottage for sale


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There are literally not pictures of the inside of the house, which is super weird.


It’s incredibly adorable, but realtor listings with no photos of the inside set off my alarm bells.


Me too. Although, I guess for the amount of land you get and the size of the house (and the uniqueness of it) the price isn’t outrageous? It’s on over 7 acres, which is a lot. I don’t know anything about that part of Washington state, though.


Cool house, but I bet that roof is a nightmare to maintain.


They’re still cleaning it up a bit.


Friends of mine have bought homes in Kitsap County not far from there. It’s nice wooded area, a bit remote from the city, quiet. Depending on where your house is located, it can be tricky to set up internet and other services.

It’s a great price with a ton of land, but no interior photos + motorcycles outside + built 34 years ago = “I bet it’s kinda funky inside, and not in a good way.”


Worth every penny.


I’m pretty sure the dwarves trashed the place when Snow left with her boy toy.


Complain, complain. You realize this place is enchanted?


Nice, but high-maintenance. You’d need seven dwarfs just to take care of the place.


25 pictures of the exterior at the listing site. I bet they would show the interior if they thought it would help.
Hoarding? Dwarf-sized doors and low ceilings?


Could be worse. You should see what happens to this one every time it rains.


I agree it could well be funky inside–guessing from the age, and no interior photos…it may have been uninhabited or rented out for a while, who knows…

I’m wanting to say, though, that I see only one motorcycle in the photos on the realtor site (photo 11 of 25) and from the way it’s parked (i.e., in the middle of the paved area…it seems to me like it’s just visiting there) I’m thinking that it could maybe belong to the realtor or to the photographer who went there to take the photos. (Maybe they thought that using that shot would help show scale? Or that including something indicating human presence might be helpful…?)


Dpeends on what kind of system is blowing in, I suppose…


Good point. And to be clear, I’ve got nothing against motorcyclists, but knowing what a rednecky area some parts of Kitsap County are, it makes me wonder about a remote cottage you can’t see inside.

My parents just sold their house, and the realtor was so anal about showing the house properly on the website that they took several hours to carefully rearrange things like a loaf of bread on a countertop or a blanket on a couch; these wide-angle photos look like pro realtor photos to me, and it must have been agony for them to not include interior pix.


A free re-roofing job!



You know the social situation is getting bad when seven diamond miners aren’t able to afford payments on their quaint forest cottage.


“On a candy house like this? $10,000, easy, If I can get the guys I usually use for a job this small. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, I hear a dry system is going to hit a wet mix with a maple front coming down from the north sometime in the next week.”


Yes, but for some reason the biggest red flag of all is the hot tub.