Where wolves fuck


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I always wondered where that might have been. I think I might have picked it up one afternoon in Silver Lake. Tell Him to check the Lost & Found at Ivanhoe Elementary.


Beyond the black stump, out the back of Bourke, in the wop-wops…

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If anybody is really interested . . . wolves fuck on YouTube. (I wasn’t looking . . . I clicked on one of those “you may also be interested” links that show up at the end of a video and didn’t get what I was expecting.)

come on cory, my 8-yr-old reads this over my shoulder - especially when there’s a cool animal to look at - fornicate would have worked great - “what’s that word, dad?” “go look it up” “whatever”

  • the sticks

  • B.F.E.

stuff like this makes me wonder if some internet user outside the anglosphere is in a forum having a laugh over our use of “the middle of nowhere.”


Wait. Ya’ll are talking about Kentucky, right?

Who knew there were so many international terms for Los Angeles?

I like “Where genies throw away little children.”

There’s a germ of an RPG adventure there. The PCs, following a treasure map, cross a forbidding plain, hiding behind rocks whenever one of an uncanny variety of genies fly overhead. After crossing a range of mountains bristling with razor sharp crystals they find a valley crawling with hungry tots . . . all guilty of infractions that got them nabbed by genies.


Uncanny Valley Genies?


Meaning of Native American place names:

Alabama (Choctaw): “Here”
Arkansas (Natchez): “Right here”
Chesapeake (Creek): “What we call this place”
Connecticut (Iroquois): “This place”
Chattanooga (Cherokee): “This place right here”
Chicago (Crow): “We’re lost”
Dakota (Kiowa): “Here we are”
Idaho (Arapaho): “We are here”
Illinois (Black Foot): “Call it? We don’t call it anything.”
Massachusetts (Nez Perce): “Right where we’re standing”
Michigan (Sioux): “Here”
Nebraska (Comanche): “Over here”
Ohio (Chippewa) “Around here”
Omaha (Mandan): “Near here”
Tennessee (Mohawk): “Here”
-P.J. O’Rourke


Werewolves what???


In Russian, there’s an expression “Хуй знает где” (Cock knows where); my girlfriend can’t quite bring herself to say “хуй” (it’s much, much ruder than in English), but we crack each other up by referring to places as ХЗГ - pronounced “khezege”. One of these days I’m going to sneak Khezege into a map somehow…


There, wolves. There, castle.


Or, you could realize that BB has always been more of an “adult oriented” site, that sometimes has semi-NSFW and semi-NSFK (not safe for the kiddies) topics. Maybe don’t read BB when your kid is looking over your shoulder. There are a lot of sites that aren’t porn but are geared towards a mature audience that probably aren’t meant for family consumption.

I believe that the word “Fuck” is appropriate in this circumstance because the idiomatic phrase literally means “to fuck”, nothing so formal as “fornicate”. Some degree of impact is lost when you formalize swearing.

Suggesting that Cory should censor an amusing post because you happen to (perhaps inappropriately) read BB with your kid reading over your shoulder, well…


Victim blaming


Idioms Delight
Haven’t looked at it in over 20 years, but found it enjoyable - don’t recall if it went into some of the more colorful ones listed here.

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My dad used to say “the backside of the wilderness”. I have no idea where this comes from, but it seems only to appear in religious writing- a biblical misquote?

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Apparently Vukojebina is a small republic in the Caucasus.

As for Where Wolves Fuck, isn’t that a Prince song?