This Oregon travel video looks like a Studio Ghibli cartoon


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If wasn’t just yesterday I wouldn’t mind this being a repeat as it is pretty cool.


Or rather, simultaneously! :wink:


Check out the side-by-side comparison with the real places:


They included the Rose Festival dragon boats! I’m cap’n of my company’s team. :slight_smile:


I read “Oregon Trail”. Now I want to see Oregon Trail with Studio Ghibli graphics. Who knew that dysentery could be adorable!


At least this time we got the credits of who did it.

Still want giant ridable rabbit.


Rabbitbus! :smiley:


Pretty cool, but not even a single tree stump?


Now I want to see this but with all the ways unregulated capitalism and corruption would alter it.

A beautiful and tragic dystopia


Well that’s a minute and a half of my life I won’t get back … and I couldn’t be more delighted!


Love it, shared it with my family last night.

The second still above looks to me like a particularly specific homage to My Neighbor Totoro; it’s framed very much like the opening scene where the family is driving to their new house.


The vintage Fiat 500 is a nice touch.


If he’s not reading BoingBoing, he’s missing out.


That was covered in the other post’s comments. Apparently Oregon is mostly stumps.


Those were the tree of white supremacy and they had to go.

I for one approve our new Travel Overlord Collaboration with GHIBILI and MADhouse and possibly GAINAX. (And the AirBnB needs me to know where the Tanuki distraction devices are about the place.)


Isn’t Oregon home to Laika studios?

Was this ad locally sourced?

(sorry, my sister in law lives in Portland, and could be a character from Portlandia, so I’ve got to vent when I can…)


They went the diversity route, it looks like, going with an international team.


Bonus if it has Fred Armisen


Fred Armisen has the hands-down best Finding Your Roots episode ever.