Brief travel documentary about Oregon


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Magic anime landscapes and historical racism. Oregon has got it all.


Needs more junkies.


disappointing appropriation of Studio Ghibli. i’m sure oregon has its own style, but you wouldn’t know it by this copy.


Oregon is a magical realm in a Miyazaki movie? I never knew!


Your favorite Renaissance painting was probably also “appropriation.”


More or less, yes…

(That said, as a native of the SFBA, Portland is hella white… that demographic is changing, but damn!)

Also, can I just say that I totes dig the verisimilitude of the wild ranunculus? Totes accurate.


And more homeless encampments… but those are all over the big cities, from what I have seen in recent years.


By design, sadly.

Luckily it’s much more progressive* these days but many Oregonians have still largely avoided fully confronting their state’s racist origins.

[*ETA: though still not progressive enough]


Wow - very well done. I want a giant, ridable rabbit now!


It’s only been that way since we legalized cannabis. Before everyone was high, it was all clearcuts, rain, and racism.

And anyway, that video was less “Travel Oregon” than “Travel the Willamette Valley, the north coast, and the western slope of the Cascades.” If any of those magical creatures traveled out of our lovely liberal upper-left quadrant of the state, they’d be shot by angry guys in big trucks with gun racks and “Make America Great Again” bumper stickers.

Heck, one of those air whales would feed Klamath Falls for months.


Right on. And not only the city (but definitely the city), but the whole state. There’s currently an exhibit about Oregon’s history of anti-black racism currently in Salem: Oregon Archives Exhibit, “Black in Oregon, 1840-1870”


this is like advertising a “visit oregon cheese steak”. yes, anyone is allowed make a cheese steak, but it’s philadelphia’s thing. does oregon not have its own localized stuff to work with? portland is a city full of artists.


LOL. You could say the same thing about Denver, the second you get out of the liberal front range / I-25 corridor from Denver to around Poudre Valley…


To get to the “ambiguous conflict” part of this Miyazaki film, try getting pulled over by the Oregon Police. It’s not hard to do.


So, an update of The Oregon Trail, eh?


We just hiked the historic Tillamook Forest hiking trail to University Falls, and all the redneck “target practice” made the place sound like a war zone.

Then I made the mistake of watching Green Room and now I’m scared to go hiking anywhere outside of town.


The Oregon Trail was mostly not in Oregon.


That’s priceless…but no coffee or bookstores?

I lived for a year on the outskirts of Portland (commuting to Corvallis), some of the neighbors would celebrate the 4th of July by firing their rifles into the air all night long.


I think they paid Stuidio Ghibli to make it. They have done ads in the past. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t look like a cheap copy to me. I put out some inquiries, and will let you know when I hear back.