Oregon cop "cleared" after flashing white power sign at right-wing demonstrators

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The officer looks over, clearly sees the anti-BLM message on the shirt and realizes what the guy is about, crosses in front of two other officers closer to the guy and passes several “protesters” who were also standing there, and gives the symbol to the guy who looks directly at it, immediately brightens and realizes he’s among fellow travelers and everything is hunky dory.

But the crack investigators Mr. Magoo and Mary Ingalls looked into all this, and found that there’s nothing to worry about, so rest easy, America.





Police Spokeswasle: We investigated ourselves and found we are F’ng Awesome! Amiright?! Jimmy get that damn hood off at the pressers, save it for night shift!
god I wish that was sarcasim


How about it gets reappropriated to not mean something shit. Let the idiots whinge when everyone makes it a pro-BLM sign (and then we can keep it as OK sign too).


But this cop wasn’t wearing Fred Perry or Lonsdale and he wasn’t sporting his New Balance kicks or other such apparel… so he’s cleared right?

Yeah, I’m not ready to just give the OK sign to the racists. Who decided to just cede it to them?


Truth be told…there is probably nothing they can do given its just a hand gesture. He (and his union rep) can argue three ways to Sunday that its innocuous…even if the rest of us can say “bullshit”. Firing him for this would mean they could fire someone else for a riased fist, middle finger, etc etc.

My hope would be they are looking for something more concrete to fire his ass on, because there is definitely some other shit this racist asshole has done. Not holding my breath because…yadda yadds thin blue line yadda yadda.


Liberals did, when they ignored or ridiculed the left who were telling them what was happening.


I can honestly say I think this has become a more common practice in the NBA as a hand gesture for the specific reason of taking it back. NBA players are smart like that.



Southern Policy Law Center

Poverty, not Policy.

That org does good work, so might as well get its name right.


Nobody who isn’t a diver and currently engaged in the pursuit of diving is using this “universal sign” to mean “OK”. If the narrative they’re trying to build was true he would have given a thumbs-up.

Seriously, they are trying to create plausible deniability with that signal but have you ever actually used it like this?


In their anti-anti-immigration anthem ‘Danny Nedelko’ post-punkers Idles make an effort reclaiming the symbol.

While I laude the effort, tainted symbols are almost impossible to reclaim.

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Apparently the police explanation is that the fella in the “Black Bikes Matter” shirt was knocked down by an “agitator” and the cop was just checking in to make sure he was okay. Even if completely true, this further confirms that most cops are actively taking a side in this. I haven’t seen anything remotely resembling this kind of cop concern for the physical well-being of any POC or white BLM ally in thousands of similar protester/counter protester clashes. I’d love to be proven wrong.


this hand sign now means “hand jobs, $3.00” – spread the word


With a grip like that, I’m not sure if it’s worth $3.


simply checking on the man’s status and used the universal signal to signify this inquiry, which the man gestured he was — then patted this trooper and a second trooper on their shoulders in an apparent signal of appreciation,” police said.

well, OKAY then, thanks for clearing that up. i think everyone else saw that differently but all right.

The OK sign was used for this specific purpose - to be able to say it was was benign if someone gets upset about it while still signalling to the insiders. They’re pretending it’s Schrödinger’s hand gesture.

And to them I give a nice Iraqi thumbs up! :+1:


I have something to add from Britain too.


Can you imagine if one a BLM protester came that close to a cop to show gratitude of some sort? Their arm would have been separated from their f’in body. At any rate, it’s clear whose side that officer is on, signal or no.