Colorado cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his own lawn

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Example one of why people don’t trust the police. I saw this a few days ago. This is embarrassing that our country has civil servants that act like this…


Bring on the guillotines.


The question I have is that cops cannot step onto private property without probable cause or permission from the property owner. A bucket and a grabber/extender is not probable cause for anything.


Some ridiculous neighbor called the cops. Then it escalates because you simply can’t tell cops to go home, they don’t take orders from the public they are supposed to protect-- insanity.

It’s unreasonable to expect a man on his own property to NOT be angry when a cop is acting like he’s about to shoot, but the victim’s anger only makes the cop more obstinate-- it’s a feedback loop.


Any reasonable person would think the guy was stealing trash from that yard.


some random dudes I don’t know show up every week and steal my trash from the end of my driveway. I should inform my town police of the offensive behavior.


What the actual fuck…


I don’t think anyone called the cops on him. I think the officer was just walking by.


(Thanks, the linked article does say that.)

I wonder how this would have played out if the guy just ignored the cop, or dropped the “weapon” and walked inside the house-- do they bring a SWAT team and knock down the door?

Also-- kudos to the guy filming for filming the whole thing diagonally-- very French New Wave.


Remember when Sheriff Andy would just go talk to the guy, unarmed and see if everything was OK?


Probably you should just shoot at those guys through your front door.

The hell of it is that there’s an unarticulated decision tree all of these people are following, with the initial question being, “Is he white?” If so, they decide there must be a reasonable explanation. If not, it’s suspicious behavior and they call the cops. Or they initiate a confrontation on their own, depending on how well-armed they are and how much they’re suffering from the pointlessness of their lives.


In this case the cop was merely passing by and observed the “offending behavior”.

To the point @KathyPartdeux I think was making…is it too much to ask to just go talk to the person and ask questions?

Cop walking or driving by sees dude picking up trash in the yard
Cop: Hey man…still cold as anything right? I’m ready for some spring time weather, you?
Dude: Yeah…it’s freezing, and the wind has been nuts…blown crap all over my yard. Can’t let it sit until spring though.
Cop: Yeah, I hear ya. I have to remind my kids to do a doggie poop patrol regularly so its not under the snow or frozen to the lawn.
Dude: Lucky for me we don’t have a dog. I’d end up having to do it!
Cop: No joke man. Well…you stay warm, hopefully spring will be here soon enough. Have a nice day!
Dude: Thanks you have a good one too. Swing by when summer hits…I’ll have some tomatoes and cukes in these raised beds, I don’t mind sharing!
Cop: Thanks will do! I’ll bring the beer!

Ya know…the way we saw it shown on 50’s tv shows like Andy Griffith.


Hello quori, thanks for your recent request to the Yourtown Police Department. In order to prioritize your request please answer the following questions:

What is the skin colour of these trash assailants?
( ) Black
( ) Other


There’s not a doubt in my mind that if they didn’t know they were being filmed they would have shot him. Basically for “noncompliance”. If a cop tells you to do something, no matter what it is and no matter the circumstances, and you don’t do it, that’s noncompliance, and he’s then free to do whatever he wants to you. It’s the police unions. If the PD tries to discipline any of these copy, the union will prevent it.


And there is a timely xkcd:


Because they have often crossed property to knock on my door.

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Some follow-up:


That would be an interesting query given that the 3 kids who put the bins at the end of the driveway and bring them back to the house are in fact black.

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Presumably because they have a reason to do so. Driving by and seeing someone picking up trash in their own yard (or shoveling your driveway of snow, or mowing your lawn) is NOT reason to step foot onto your property.

Actually…assuming this guy hires a lawyer and goes after the police department…the first thing the lawyer is going to ask is “So do your officers literally stop every lawn/yard service crew for questioning every time they are doing their job?”