Colorado cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his own lawn

It is not.

Which of course explains the incredibly high rate at which cops get convicted when they do go to trial for some incredibly outrageous atrocity.

It’s not the unions, it’s your entire society.


Colorado, a state as white as the snow.

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That is sometimes how rapes happen.

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Is it too much to ask that a conversation need not happen?. Picking up trash, whether it’s your yard or a public street is not illegal. There wasn’t even a need to stop and have a conversation or ask questions.

Even if they have the friendly conversation, it doesn’t change the fact that every black person is perceived as a threat. Why are questions even necessary to establish that nothing untoward was happening?

Cop walking or driving by sees dude picking up trash in the yard
Cop realizes this is acceptable behaviour and continues walking/driving


If you are white, you may be able to get away with that. Maybe. Black people do not have that option.


We can have both. We can have cops doing exactly as you stated; but also they can and SHOULD have friendly conversations. It is a two way street you know. The cops need to not find every thing someone of color does as potentially suspicious true enough; but they also need to take steps to show they are friends and can be trusted to/by all people.

So…stopping and having a friendly convo not only puts said cop at ease of “Yeah I checked and everything seems fine” but also puts the citizen at ease to “Hey, that cop was a nice guy”.

The heavy lifting can be spread across multiple avenues of effort to fix the problem.


Considering that Deaf people have died for this exact behavior… yes, they do.


Quite. The police’s only interaction with public does not have to be suspicion and enforcement.


Remember folks, just keep repeating to yourself: It’s just eight bad apples, it’s just eight bad apples, it’s just eight bad apples…


Case in point. My son and I were walking to the car. A cop pulls up. He rolls down the window and says, “hey, would your son like a sticker?” We took the sticker and said thank you. Life carried on. This is how police should interact with the public when there is no reason to act otherwise.

Then again, we are white, so that’s a thing.


What do cops get when they harass someone at gunpoint? Paid vacation. Do we really need to look any deeper than that to find the problem?


Colorado is supposed to be chill. WTF?


Where is the poster who has the list of things the cops are afraid of?
They should add “trash collector” or “guy picking up trash with a bucket”

seriously police officers, want some respect? stop with this ‘everything is WAR! SWAT 24/7365.25!’ crap
he showed you his ID, he’s obviously picking up trash and he lives right there. Also when the FUCK are police going to realize even the poors have cameras in their cellphones?
never evidently


Holy fucksocks; I’m glad dude is still alive and not wounded.

An oldie from days of yore; but I contend that cops are not afraid of anything but losing their stranglehold on unchecked power to intimidate harass and kill at will with impunity.

Power corrupts.


To quote Philip K Dick-



I’m a white guy, and one morning in an area I used to live in about 2 years ago I got rudely woken up by a construction crew demanding I move my car out of my own driveway because it adjoined the street, for a major construction project, with no notice from anyone including the utility who was doing it.

I had abusive neighbors on both sides of me and regularly had to hear violent arguments and child abuse, through my walls. I was usually on edge because of this and sleep was the only thing that helped and this man disturbed it in a very rotten way, on a monday morning, at 6 am.

I went down and complained to the foreman and he started swearing at me, so I went full apeshit on him and started swearing profusely at him with some creative language. I’m far from perfect.

Later in the day after I got home, a police officer showed up at my door and asked to talk with me. This was in an area where people were regularly shot and stabbed over drugs and gang violence.

He was calm with me and heard my side of the story. He ended up agreeing with me once he heard it but said I needed to stay a little calmer next time.

Later that year, though it was not that officer, another one from the same Department who had just been hired shot Antwon Rose to death as he ran away, 3 times in the back.

I’ve learned there are good cops but I think my specific situation taught me along with others that there really is overt racism among some police, and I often wonder if I didn’t get tased or shot simply because I was white.

Why can’t a man on his own lawn doing nothing violent threatening or otherwise not be threatened by the police, and happen to be black? The more I read, day in and day out, I’ve lost nearly all respect I had for police, which was never that much.

If anyone members here are police, don’t look away from this stuff. If you see someone in your department do something like this, don’t let it stand, and make them get their shit together because this stuff needs to stop no matter what color someone is.


Neither police nor the public need a watrant nor permission to step on private property. This only applies to posted property that clearly states “private property. No trespassing”

yup, the damn union has created a semi police state. In many states the union has gotten the government to agree to a very pernicious demand. All cops that are charged with a crime must be shown all the evidence agains them before the first interview or sworn statement.


According to the police statement, the officer, who has not been named, decided to question the black man when he saw him behind a private property sign and wondered if he was allowed to be on the property.

Because black people don’t own houses, so obviously he was trespassing.


He could have been using a loaded AR-15 <insert creative use of gum, tape, etc.> to pick up trash and would not have been a crime. Worthy of a, “hey, what are you doing?” Perhaps, but that would have been it.

Only in America.