Handheld Oregon Trail game on sale at a deep discount

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“Usually ships in 1 to 2 months.”

Is it coming by way of actual covered wagon? How authentic!


We regret to inform you that your shipment was lost at Rattlesnake River due to high water.


I like the Mac SE look

Yes, although it’s a bit weird that the version of the game that it plays (I have one) is a custom one that seems based off of the 1990 MS-DOS version. You’d think with that case that they’d be going for a Mac feel.

A bargain at 53$ for Canadians. NOT

Life pro-tip and true story: If you want to get this for yourself, buy it as a gift for your significant other, and then wait for them to not use it, complain that they didn’t like your gift, and now you get to play it as much as you like, while your SO dies of dysentery.

P.S. Just don’t let her steal the batteries for her TV remote control.


If you order it from amazon.CA it is indeed $53CDN. But if you order it from amazon.COM it can be had for $16.77US:




</for length>

I remember when living in Italy, ordering stuff from Amazon DE or Amazon UK was often FAR more expensive than ordering from “regular” Amazon in the US and paying the shipping. Seemed really weird.

Does the nostalgic feel of the game include a measure of pre-antebellum racism? :slight_smile: 'cause… Oregon was kind of the wanted-poster-child for racism back in the day:

“In 1857, the Oregon Territory proposed a state constitution banning black people from entering, residing, or acquiring property. In 1859 Oregon became the only state to enter the Union with such an exclusion clause.”

And people of color weren’t really welcome until WW2 when they were needed for factory/shipyard work, then their flood-plane dwelling suburb Vanport flooded shortly after the war, and to this day Oregon is still very white. A lot of traditionally black neighborhoods in Portland are gentrifying and people are being forced out by increasing property taxes to the far east near or in Gresham.

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