Oregon Trail for the Nintendo Switch

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My kids have a digital learning day tomorrow because of the runoff election and I know what we are doing when we are supposed to be doing schoolwork!

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It’s actually expanded a good deal from the original game in terms of game play, it’s was a bit of a darling amongst the streamers when it got released. Certainly worth a look even if you’re not nostalgic for the original game.

I’m not sure if “It looks every bit as exciting as the OG.” was intended to be an insult, but that’s how I read it.

If that’s the version that’s also in Apple Arcade, then it is fun as heck! I wasted way too many hours on that. :slight_smile:

My 10yo beat the 1990ish PC version on her first try. No typhoid. No dysentery.

Shenanigans! Hackery!

/jealous proud :slight_smile:

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Why, back in my day, I had to walk the Oregon trail up hill, both ways, barefoot, in a snowstorm, with dysentary and a broken axle!

Now let me tell you about the Apple IIe pioneer farming simulator we got to play with back in the day!

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I was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t playing on classic black/green.


Lemme hunt for it… while plumbing the depths of the memorybanks, I was trolling thru the MECC catalog and oh, man, some memories - Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

Odell Lake - live as a fish! mecc_a-192_odell_lake.pdf

(And check this out! Free_Software_for_your_Apple_1984.pdf (vintageapple.org))

Checking with some long-time friends to see if anyone can remember the name of the software.

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