Oregon GOP Party lies about Capitol riot, saying its a "false flag" to "discredit President Trump"

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The Oregon Grand Old GOP Party of Oregon?

Seriously, though, that is seriously unhinged.


Reality has a well known liberal bias
-Stephen Colbert


Specifically, the Oregon Republicans who were in the insurrection mob.



The state’s largest newspaper, The Oregonian, posted a flabbergasted editorial on Sunday:

“Mainstream Republicans, where are your voices?:”

More local coverage:
“Oregon Republican Party condemns impeachment, aligns itself with conspiracy theories:”

tl;dl: Oregon Republicans, who once produced level-headed and respectable pols, are as crazy shit-house rats.


Frankly, I’m a bit surprised. I would have thought that to them looking like “Nazis, white supremacists, and Pinochet-loving fascists” would be a GOOD thing.


December GOP: “The Democrats are trying to seize power! We’ll go to Washington on January 6th and take it back from them!”

February GOP: “The march on Washington was a false flag for the Democrats to try and seize power! We’ll… post shit!”

“We got blocked on Twitter, Henry.”

“Well, we’ll rally at the state capital building!”

“Governor called out the National Guard.”

“Television ads?”

“No one will sell time to us.”


“Mimeograph is broke.”

“Damn it…”


Known Trump supporter live streamed the event. Just stop with the made up fantasy land junk you kooks.


I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if the State Department declares some or all branches of the GOP as domestic terrorist organizations (unlikely, I know, but if the Cult of Trump takes things further it could) this sort of stuff will be entered as evidence that it was not just the work of scattered individuals but an organized effort.


More likely the White House smelled like soiled adult diapers; they didn’t call him “Diaper Don” just because he had infantile temper tantrums. This creature was rotting from both ends. It disgusts me that so many people pretended the vegetable formerly known as Donald Trump was a functional human being. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died because a mental incompetent was squatting in the White House and preventing anyone else from doing the job he was incapable of doing. His enablers in the Cabinet and Congress refused to remove him because they benefited from the power vacuum.


That’s some excellent reporting by station KOIN. I had actually missed this story. Thank you for posting. It’s funny that Nearman, the legislator who apparently exited the Capitol just to open the door to the mob, dares to complain about being subjected to mob justice.


Yeah his choice of words shows an extreme lack of awareness (or more likely typical GOP blame libs for what he knows he is guilty of). I hadn’t seen or heard much about the state capitol riots/protests and grew up in Salem so it jumped out to me when I saw in the list of news clips on YouTube.


So let’s suppose for a second that the leaders of this insurrection were, in fact left-wing agitators (ETA: they unequivocally weren’t). That still means that the vast majority of these people, who have since been identified as leaders of the MAGA cult, were totally comfortable with assaulting police officers, breaking and entering the US Capitol, destroying and stealing government and personal property and marching under numerous white supremacist and terrorist flags.

As I said after Charlottesville, if you find yourself marching in a group that is displaying Nazi flags, you’re a fucking Nazi.


So, if those “Nazis, white supremacists, and Pinochet-loving fascists” are now being outed as allegedly “Antifa”, surely that leaves them open-season to all the other “Nazis, white supremacists, and Pinochet-loving fascists” out there with guns…
Not that I’m suggesting for one second that such a situation could be seen as kharma, divine retribution, etc, no siree Bob…


“I’m completely confused,” he allegedly wrote in one Jan. 6 tweet, according to the complaint. “For 6-8 weeks everybody on the right has been saying ‘1776!’ & that if congress moves forward it will mean a revolution! So congress moves forward. Patriots storm the Capitol – now everybody is virtual signaling their embarrassment that this happened.”

He allegedly wrote the same day: “Perhaps I missed the part where it was agreed this would be a revolution of ice cream cones & hair-braiding parties to take our government back from lying, cheating globally interested swamp parasites. My bad.”

I suppose if you’re going to say all these long-standing members of the MAGA cult were ‘antifa’ all along, then why no just say “Trump himself was a plot to ruin the Republican party?”

Actually, I think I have heard conservatives say this, no?


I’ve wondered why the rioters haven’t been pushing back on this. So many proudly proclaimed that their assault was a Fight for Freedom, you’d think they’d be offended to see credit for their noble deed given to godless Lefties. I guess the bottom line is that their lofty principles are absolutely unshakeable until they sense the possibility of negative consequences from their actions.


Police should have just closed the door again.

I love how in the end the guy expects normal Justice and not mob Justice even though he left the door open for them and walked around talking with them.

That’s video evidence of their hypocrisy right there.