Somehow 73% of Republicans blame the Capitol insurrection on "left-wing protestors"

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Great, then we should have no problem getting them to back a January 6th Commission to investigate the attack, right? Right??


Somehow 73% of Republicans blame the Capitol insurrection on “left-wing protestors”

Also Republicans (to the law abiding left and center wing in general), “Now look at what you made me do!”


Well, from their point of view, they are correct; if those “Radical Leftists” hadn’t voted for Biden, Trump would be enjoying his second term on the golden toilet of power.


The survey of 1,588 U.S. DELUSIONAL ASSHOLES, which was conducted… there, fixed it.


It’s edifying to always mentally add to any “x% of <politicial_party_members> [say|do|think]” a notion of “well, x% of those willing to provide their opinion to a nebulous questioner” - particularly in the case of stated “republicans” (who are quasi-morons just by admitting to that status currently). Or said a slightly different way, there’s an enormous selection bias to collecting political opinions, particularly in these strident times.


The total lack of logic here is staggering, even for Republicans. Somehow a bunch of left-wing protesters decided to attend a Trump rally? To demand exactly the thing they didn’t want to happen? Because they were hoping there would be an opportunity to do something to make Trump supporters look bad? Which they did by attacking the Capitol building to disrupt the certification of the vote, something they didn’t want to happen? And somehow they did all this like ninjas - never being seen, never actually committing violence or illegal acts themselves (because every single person caught and identified is a Trump supporter), but somehow orchestrating all this by somehow egging on actual Trump supporters?

The multiple layers of cognitive dissonance here are amazing. “You made us do the thing we didn’t do!”


“Australia was founded as a penal colony.
America was founded as an insane asylum.”


There they go again, using Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual.


Citation needed.


My hypothesis is that to experience cognitive dissonance one has to have a minimal level of awareness and intelligence.

These people do not experience or display cognitive dissonance because they are thick-as-pigshit fuckwits with the awareness level of a slug. (Unkind to slugs, I know.)

Either that or they know full well this is all lies but have an ulterior motive for propagating the lies (most probably because they are the leaders of these fuckwits).


I saw interviews of rioters who themselves broke into the Capitol— who later said it was all, or mostly, Antifa/BLM. And they werent being cute or cynical or “lying” in the conventional sense of the word. That’s the degree of doublethink and delusion these people are afflicted with.


I don’t think the vast majority of them sincerely believe it, any more than they believe that MTG’s comments about gas chambers in Nazi Germany weren’t about the Holocaust. They’ve just been taught by their god Trump that they can say literally any lie, no matter how outrageous or laughable, and there will never, ever be consequences of any sort. They will never be held accountable or mocked in the media or forced to back up any of their claims, so they literally say anything that makes them feel good and pretend it’s a valid position. Words no longer have meaning, truth doesn’t exist. It’s the dangerous precedent set by Trump and it’s only getting more popular.



You can’t point to a single lefty/antifa/BLM protestor in those videos, however QAnon weirdos love pointing to this guy, who appears to be motivated purely by money, and who stirs up shit so he can film it:


That is, actually, about as much logic as you are likely to be able to apply to these assholes.


Read up on YouGov’s methodology. I feel quite comfortable disregarding them now.


Leopard watches woman in video…

“Hmm, that looks like a tasty face…”


Today’ conservative movement is the result of RW media attracting and entertaining people who are dim witted and easily angered. It’s been a 40 year marketing campaign that has succeeded. This cohort was previously distributed randomly and often not interested in politics. Now they are all reliable republican voters, ready to hate who they are told to hate without much thinking, and who will vote for ridiculous candidates out of a mixture of spite and fear. Absurd behavior makes a candidate more memorable and electable to these people.


It doesn’t matter that the obvious beneficiaries of such an attack were the far-right. Obviously, the attack on this iconic legislative building was carried out by Communists.