Most Republicans think Biden stole the election

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Well, most Republicans are deluded suckers, so it stands to reason…

And yes, I don’t think Biden’s “unity” push is going to go anywhere with them. Anyone who voted for a second term for Biff is a write-off.


This is incredibly sad to me… I don’t understand how nearly half of our country can believe this sort of stuff and behave the way that they do… it’s like 50% of us have zero trust in authoritative sources, zero critical thinking skills, zero empathy… it just boggles my mind.


Does anyone still put any value into polls after this election?


It’s 50% of Republicans, so the total number is more like 20% of American voters thinking that the election was stolen and a few more rigged.

The venn diagram of Trump voters and people who think the election was stolen is thankfully not a perfect circle.


While I weep for your democracy, I’m also curious if it will affect the number of right wing chuds that vote.

“Why bother voting, they’re all the same” is a heavily financed message that has been pushed at the disenfranchised working class for decades. It’s disgusting, but “Don’t bother, it’s rigged” is where it goes from here.


And half of them believe in the Qanon conspiracy that there is a cabal of baby eating child traffickers led by prominent Democrats and Bill Gates. I would suspect a Venn diagram of the two groups would be just a circle.

I don’t care what they think. The important thing is Biden won and he gets sworn in. They can get right with that however they will, or they can deny it for the rest of their lives (much more likely). But it’s not going to change facts or reality.


I don’t need a poll to tell me that.

A quick look at the right-wing blogosphere will tell you the same thing.

They don’t want to believe that Biden won, so they don’t. But the election shows that he won, so the election must be wrong. And if the election is wrong, it’s because someone altered it.

It doesn’t help that Trump himself is saying that they cheated.

And yeah, all the kumbaya in the world won’t help if the other side will not act in good faith. Their behavior under Obama, and under Bush before him shows exactly how they will behave. They will obstruct at every opportunity. I really hope he doesn’t fall for it.


Biden’s messaging on unity made for a nice victory speech, but if he keeps it up for long he’s going to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He doesn’t want investigations. He doesn’t want to stop Trump pardoning his cronies. He just wants to forget the last four years and move on. He’s going to get eaten alive.


It does seem so.

I wonder just which Republican will win in 2024.


The idea that the polls were any worse than they normally were is nonsense. The votes are still being counted, but it’s likely that the total polling error will be within the range seen historically.

Now in this case, it is one poll, one sample and of course that means buyer beware.


That depends on whether or not trump is in prison.


I mean, this sounds like what any basically functioning government should do? Biden will appoint his AG and that should be that. The president pushing for specific prosecutions of previous government and political opponents is exactly what Trump did.


And those Republican will now feel justified in winning the next election by any means necessary, and never mind all gerrymandering, voter suppression, trying to shut down the post office during a pandemic, etc.



If it looks like Trump will be convicted in any of those non-federal cases, I half expect Biden to find a way to swoop in and exonerate him (yes I know, a presidential pardon doesn’t apply in such cases).


Well, I see that as good news! That’s 5% fewer than the fraction of Republicans who still think Obama was born in Kenya, or at least say that to pollsters.


This was always the real danger of Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims. Not that the courts or institutions would go along with it, but that a substantial portion of the American public would see the new President (and the Federal government as a whole) as illegitimate.

It’s hard to imagine a more effective way to make more McVeighs/Bundys etc.


Gee, it would be a real shame if one of the consequences of this would be that there was a push toward national voting standards and timing, and uniform best practices monitored and funded to make elections more transparent and reliable. Don’t throw us in the briar patch!


I’m just going to remind people that polling anymore is rife with problems. HOW did they poll? WHO did they poll? If it’s still people with landlines, guess how that population skews? If they’re somehow including online polling, where are they conducting the poll?

I’m not sure what the alternative is, but we just need to stop believing in polling as anything more than a general sense of trends until there’s a methodology that fits the world as it is now, not as it was 50 years ago.