Trailer for new 'Godzilla' movie looks pretty cool




Looks like more of a Godzilla for traditionalists, after the likes of the Devlin/Emmerlich movie, Cloverfield, and Pacific Rim. And Bryan Cranston seems to be making good use of his go-to expression, that of being utterly aghast.


I got the Pacific Rim feel too, especially with Godzilla near the bridge (Do bridges make monsters look bigger?)

Anyway, I’ve already decided I’m going to watch this, I’m just trying to keep my expectations fairly low, seems like the healthiest thing to do.


Practically obligatory:


Why does every blockbuster have to start with the military mobilizing and on the move.


Because the military pays Hollywood to produce its propaganda:


So that young, impressionable adults enlist.



I really really hope this Godzilla movie ends better than the previous one where she got tangled up in a suspension bridge and shot to death with conventional missiles and cannons.


Was that a Rodan in there?


Parts of it were filmed near by - So good or bad I will probably end up seeing it.


Typical. You list all the other actor credits, but don’t mention the name of the guy wearing the monster suit.


Dear Hollywood, I’m sick of seeing the same movies “reimagined” every few years, can you please finally have someone who isn’t a hack direct a kick-ass Ringworld or Known Space series before I die? Wachowski siblings… I’m looking your way.


Because defending America against physical invasion is kinda their job? It’s not like they’re gonna go “Communist alien robot monsters are attacking! Eh, not my problem. Pass the bong, Ned.”


The Grand Budapest Hotel is delightful and original. And it does have special effects, although maybe not the kind you were expecting/


Somebody needs to make a supercut of all of the times the Golden Gate Bridge gets destroyed in SciFi movies.


I was thinking about all the mangled Statue of Liberties. (Statues of Liberty?)


Well, people have some idea of how big a bridge is, roughly (at least a really famous bridge like the Golden Gate) - so it helps give some concept of just how big the monster is. And also, my theory is that monsters just think it’s fun to destroy suspension bridges. All those cables everywhere! Sproing sproing sproing sproing!


Nice to see Rodan too!


bring on the pants crapping! thanls Xeni for causing me to laugh SO hard at work, that I snorted water out of my nose.


It’s funny how EVERY SINGLE MOVIE of this kind has to give a tip ‘o the hat to Planet of the Apes’ Statue of Liberty. :smile: