Godzilla (2014)




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My friend saw it,and he said the opening scenes was disappointingly noncanonical. I said “You mean he didn’t sink a ship?” and my buddy said “Exactly!”


At least this movie will be driven by a terrific story line, rather than over the top cgi. Just kidding. I expect it to be terrible, but hugely successful. Hooray movies!


When I go to see a 2 hour long film titled “Godzilla” I expect to see an hour and 30 minutes of Godzilla smashing around a city fighting things. Not 20 minutes of Godzilla fighting and an hour and fucking 40 minutes of Studly McMili-bro telling everyone and their sister her can disarm a bomb that he literally never disarms.

They got Godzilla’s roar spot on though, so that was worth the theater viewing.


I’ve been wanting an old-school beer belly Godzilla to come back for a long time. I hated the sleek and sexy euro-trash Godzilla that slinked onto screens with Matthew Broderick.

I only wish they’d bring back euro-trash Godzilla just so the old-new beer belly Godzilla can stomp on its sleek head, rag doll its dead body and unceremoniously chuck it into the Pacific Ocean for fish food.


I followed you link and now I feel violated.


Dude they did.


I just came from the theatre and I have to say Not only I’m not disappointed, I found it really faithful to the Godzilla myth and the disaster movie genre.

This is no Pacific Rim, not in tone nor in medium, it is serious and dramatic.

I really enjoyed Pacific Rim, but they are different creatures (pun intended). Did I cheer when Godzilla punched Muto? HELL YEAH!!!


Apparently you’ve never seen a Godzilla movie, because most of them are about 90 minutes total - and you always see Godzilla for less than half of it.

I have a feeling the “I just want to see 100% Godzilla” folks are the same ones who complain about Michael Bay movies being too over the top with action. It’s one of those things people think they want, but ultimately ends up pretty lame. Without the buildup and suspense of it all the Godzilla scenes in this movie wouldn’t have been half as interesting.


Godzilla 2014 is about how important it is to support a large military with enough equipment. They are the only ones that can protect us from all kinds of dangers, existing or unexpected. Nuclear weapons are important because we might need to kill a few giant dinosaurs


I’ve found the status of Godzilla movies really confusing without Roger Ebert around to keep them straight. Some news has been talking about the original Gojiro, digitally cleaned up, doing a limited-release theater tour, and the rest has been about this new Godzilla movie. It’s probably fine, but I was hoping to see the original. The actor who played the original monster in the heavy rubber suit is still alive and was interviewed about it.


This movie is so boring I almost left the theater. Why hide the monster so much? Doesn’t make sense to try to build tension hiding it, because IT’S A GIANT MONSTER. Shallow story, characters you don’t care, and stupid editing. That’s all you get from this, save your money for other great movies coming out this year.


Godzilla is not a myth. To be a myth someone would have to have at one point or another believed it to be true.

Wait, did you at one point think that a giant radioactive lizard was battling it out with a flying rocket turtle in Japan?


I loved Pacific Rim - i know it was cheesy but it was a film with giant fighting robots versus giant monsters. It could have been a lot worse. AND YET by the final fight it suffered with action fatigue.

Godzilla left me wanting more which is probably a better feeling to come away with. Those scenes in the first half where you have all the build up to Godzilla’s encounters with the Muto then as they begin to fight it cuts away to the humans. Really frustrating on the first viewing but upon reflection it’s foreplay - you get the pay off at the end.

I’m just happy to see Godzilla on the big screen. They definitely did the big guy justice.


Well, we call the universe of creatures surrounding the creations of H.P. Lovecraft “the Cthulhu Mythos”… I don’t see why not to use it with Godzilla also*.

*Also, I’m pretty sure Godzilla is Cthulhu’s pet.


You’ve… not actually seen the new movie, have you?


Also i would’ve liked to see more atomic breath! :smile:


It’s really not. You’re thinking of Bay’s Transformers. This movie showed precisely the opposite–how utterly ineffectual we are against a force of nature.


Yeah, I know, I went to this Godzilla movie expecting something like The Seventh Seal, and all I got was movie monsters destroying a couple of cities. Talk about a let down!