For Sale: 1975 BMW R75/6, "likely haunted"

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Thanks, but I’ll stick with my haunted 75/5.

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I was going to suggest parting it out, leaving some future individual a globetrotting adventure to re-assemble the Haunted Motorcycle so that the cursed spirit therein may be banished once and for all.

But so many parts have been swapped out already that it sounds like a Ship of Theseus. What hasn’t been replaced?

There was a lesson about waterproof sealants and badge affixing in there, as well?


Maybe replace “likely haunted” with “it’s, ya know, German”

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Nota Bene for all you confuzzleds:

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I remember that one – don’t use polyurethane-based adhesives (aka Gorilla Glue) unless you are looking for an excuse to get a new paint job.

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It was doing fine till he sent the parts away for painting and added that fairing, and then the old lady felt he’d compromised her dignity.
But a 40 year old coil…vehicle electrics started to work properly around 1990, with full flown automation and quality control setting in in the mid 90s. It isn’t like they are expensive to replace or upgrade.
Back in the 1970s, a well known mod for Triumph twins (I know, slightly OT) was to add a third coil between the other two and carry a plug cable, capacitor and a spare points set. That and the spare clutch cable taped alongside the working one was a good start to getting home under your own power.


I’ve been in your shoes. Totally understand the decision to sell. I describe that vintage of m/c (mine was a '73 R75/5 SWB) as “agricultural.” All the controls have a delay in their response. The original style banana seat and “no fairing” was not as much fun as it appears but the whole machine sure was cool in a Steve McQueen way.

Hopefully the fellow who bought my R75/5, Peter, is still rolling around SF on it. Good luck selling yours. Try not to regret it too much.

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Yes, matched with the needing to repaint the tank one time after all was said and done.

There have been a lot of other little niggling things too.

I have not had to touch the transmission, aside from the neutral switch, the shaft, or final drive. Everyone has a leaking neutral switch at some point.

A lot of the aftermarket electric ignitions are Triumph/Duc/BMW from the time. New bike will sport a Boyer, but I’ll carry an ATU, points and condenser.

This is why I love them.

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So bad install equals probably haunted? ok then…

[quote=“jlw, post:10, topic:60698”]I have not had to touch the transmission, aside from the neutral switch, the shaft, or final drive. Everyone has a leaking neutral switch at some point.[/quote]Well, there you go. Haunted transmission! Too late to drain the fluid and sell it on Etsy, alas.

Grenada red? Don’t you know BMW stands for Black Mit White?

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I rode her around the Marin coast yesterday

I wondered if that was you.

What’s your price? Any chance you’ll be in the Seattle area any time soon?

As a rider of two of the Prince of Darkness’ most black-hearted minions (Norton Atlas 650 and BSA 441), I laugh mirthlessly at your so-called haunted bike. She is Casper der Friendlyghost by comparison.


I think I understand why BMWs had the reputation of “old man” bikes…you buy one when you’re a young man and you’ll probably be riding it when you’re an old man (still acting silly with the R75/6 I bought new in 1975…).

Have you checked out the AirHeads BMW group?

or Bayerische Motoren Werke. take you pick.


I’d sell it too.

Suck it, Pirsig.