For sale (in Canada, natch): A Cadillac Snowcat stretch limo


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I want it.


Living in southern Arizona, I’m forced to admit I have no possible use for this, alas.

Now I want to know movie it was.


Give it to the Pentagon, and they’ll turn it into the new main battle tank.


Good for getting down to the end of the driveway to pick up the mail.


15 mph on groomed trails? Sounds like snow-cat should really be called snow-slug.


Guarantee it has some tiny little lawnmower engine just powerful enough to make it look good for the movie.


Mr magoo, according to the Jalopnilk comments.


Leslie Nielsen sat in it!



Used to be you’d once in a while see a hearse stretch limo in Austin. Dunno what happened to, but it was trey cool.


Up here in Canada, pretty well everyone has one if these.


I’ve seen more impressive limos.


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