There's got to be a BadAss Wasteland Dragon in this

For Sale, 1968 Chevrolet Camper Van, Kamp King Koach


Which reminds me – who’s seen Jacques Tati’s Trafic?

I really want that beastie! (irrationally so)

I am covetous. The matching oven and faucet are to die for:

But I can’t spare $6500, nor can I get to Seattle anytime soon. Alas.

Edit: Also, the fact that it probably sold over a month ago is a bit of a dealbreaker, too.


Never heard of it. But looking it up on Wikipedia makes me eager to see it. Is it on Netflix, I wonder?

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The solution to it being already sold is the same solution as to not having $6500 to spend on it.

Plus, I already live in Seattle.

I’ve seen Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic. And Luc Besson’s Taxi, if that helps.

So… thievery you recommend? ;^)

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Ix-nay on the ievery-thay!

Things…go missing…occasionally…is all I’m saying.


Good luck keeping a low profile in your new seafoam-green King Koach!

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I already tool around in a Mini* covered in multiple Union Jacks. Can’t be much worse.

*not a real Mini, sadly.

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Maybe it belongs to a new bbs user with a certain last name.

Have you seen it, yet?

Oh man you reminded me that I missed seeing that and Playtime in 70MM a few years ago. I has the sads now.

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I have not. Thanks for the reminder!

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