For sale: Les Paul's prototype electric guitar




Eh, who would want that? It’s used.


Somebody forgot to </i>, you’re making the rest of BB italic (If you use the not horrible version at, that is)


I know someone who would appreciate that guitar.


My High School had that sound board (TOA RX-216) Brings back some memories seeing that.

Mostly of hurting myself when I was trying to move it… The internet says 60 Lbs, but in my memory it was more like 300.


You’ve seen enough of that one.

On a semi-serious note, I hope this eventually winds up at the Smithsonian rather than sitting in someone’s house.
Or better, the new owner loans it out to pro players to use live.



If only my Powerball ticket comes through.


Not the first time this has happened, either.

I think it’s actually a missing </em> tag. Is invoking @beschizza proper procedure?


I’ll bring the black candles, you draw the pentagram. :smiling_imp:


pft, i offer $20. It’s not in in it’s original condition anymore. They fiddled around with this fine guitar too much.


Neat! Good to know these things are still around.


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