For sale on the dark web: +500,000 Zoom accounts, some at less than a penny each

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‘The purchased accounts include a victim’s email address, password, personal meeting URL, and their HostKey’


[insert surprised face here]


If I give them my account can they just go to my meetings for me?


Zoom is a dumpster fire of privacy and security violations and why i will not use it. Trying to convince others not to is like screaming into the void… ‘But you can change your background to the bridge of the enterprise! :star_struck:


Well, they should’ve led with that if they really wanted me to install it! :vulcan_salute: All I got was an invitation to a virtual meeting designed to reduce the sense of isolation I never had in the first place.


I get it, i really do. An organisation i’m involved with has moved over to zoom from slack for video conf because of slack’s limit to how many users can join a call but zoom is just rotten garbage with a privacy policy full of weasel wording.

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Yeah, and the same amount of bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and anything else someone might want in anyway for any reason is on the dark web, too. Nothing is safe on the internet. Sometimes pictures of kitties and doggos are though. Here’s my kitty sleeping today

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In this case, they seem to be using passwords gathered from previous dumpster fires.

Sad that it works with so many people, but here we are.

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you need to have a really, really good password; like, say…


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