For small businesses, QuickBooks Essentials remains an accounting gold standard

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Is it as bad as quicken? ‘Cause if so then run away!

Never used QuickBooks, but I used Quicken for more than a decade–and switched to GnuCash in January because I was fed up with all the nagging. And maybe I’m just too Old School, but I REALLY hate the idea of renting my software.

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I used QB online for a few years at a 30 person company and it wasn’t too bad, but it was the Advanced tier with the payroll add-on (and by not bad I mean it got the job done without a huge learning curve). While I’m not a big fan of having my accounting data held hostage by another entity, QB is the goto software (at least in the US) for just about any small business that does their own payroll. And if you do payroll, you’re forced to pay QB every year for the updates even with the desktop version. That said, the Essential tier is just for basic AP/AR which can be handled by even the most entry-level desktop accounting software.

Yeah, Intuit is a massive rent seeker.


And I believe Intuit spends a bunch of money on lobbying to keep the process of filing payroll taxes complicated, so that they can continue to rent-seek.


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