Intuit buys Mailchimp for $12bn

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I’m sure that Intuit has promised to leave things alone.

So… about six months?


:-/ Hmmm… Mailchimp is a good product, pretty much fun to use, intuitive, they had a good costumer service -at least it worked for me when I used the paid version at an old job. I even got a pair of monkey socks from them :smile: I hope they don’t change…


If anyone thought a service couldn’t be ruined any more than when Yahoo gets ahold of it, Intuit says “hold mah beer”.


The folks over at MailChimp are drinking the good stuff tonight.


Ahem. It’s pronounced “Mailkimp”.


Intuit. Ugh. I am resisting upgrading Quickbooks, because mine still works and why should I pay for it again? Plus I am really not down with going to their cloud offering where I have to pay every month. Then, too, I can secure my desktop, but how secure is their cloud? They have a bunch of warm fuzzies on their website about how safe it is. However, while their payroll service has security certifications including SOC-1 and SOC-2, as far as I can tell their basic accounting service does not.


I use it for invoice dispersal to the HOA I run. It’s a good the bad and the ugly story, I’m don’t have to pay the monthly $80 US for their shit service, but then I used to have a print mail and then return mail to get the job done…

Lesser of two evils.


Well, it sounds like the owners are but not the people working there. The article says they used a profit-sharing model, as opposed to giving stock options or ownership stakes to employees. The proceeds from the sale aren’t profit, so unless they are generous for some reason it probably sucks a lot to work at mailchimp right now.


Oh man, how disappointing. Mailchimp was the perfect model of modern corporate responsibility to me. Growth at their own pace, not giving in to over leveraging via investors, and a solid product with good customer service. I’ve been using it for a while in service of some volunteer duties for an organization I’m a member of. Intuit is in many ways the opposite of that and exemplary of everything that’s wrong with corporate America.

I won’t even bother wishing Mailchimp remains steady and solid. It won’t. Six months sounds about right, maybe a year tops. I feel pretty confident Intuit will trash it in some as yet to be determined way.


Intuit just bought an awful lot of email addresses to spam…


OMG, THIS. It’ll be the email equivalent of AOL CDs for EVERYONE!


Mail… kymp?


For anyone that might be unaware, Intuit is rather shady! They’ve spent a lot of money trying to keep taxes complicated:

I’ve been a fan of mailchimp since early on… I’d often point to them as an example of a company that did fun/weird things rather than chasing purely traditional marketing, and for a long time they required double opt-in for email marketing (which means someone can’t just dump your email address into a form and spam you, you’d need to confirm it via email first).

They’ve since abandoned the double opt-in requirement and have buttoned up their appearance… so a sale seemed inevitable, but Intuit is still disappointing! I hope mailchimp’s employees will at least get a nice bonus out of the deal.


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