Microsoft will buy Linkedin for $26.2B


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However, it also poses a conundrum for Linkedin, which has enjoyed much of its success with HR departments and recruiters by being seen as an honest broker of talent and jobs that didn’t itself compete for those jobs or people.

That’s cute. I would list the companies touched by the Microsoft hand of death, but I don’t have all afternoon. Linkedin is doomed! :tada::violin::wine_glass::biohazard::clock::dagger::poop::boom::balloon:


26.2 Billion!

Worth every penny of it… I can’t stop laughing.





Holy Smokes, that’s exactly what I envisioned when I read the headline! Awesome!


Yeah, I just wish it was bought by Yahoo so it’d be killed, faster.


I can’t imagine a more deserving buyer.



I had erased the MicroSoft “paper clippy” thing from my mind, thanks for the visual.


I can only imagine LinkedIn is of particular utility if one is recruiting, or seeking to be recruited. Or maybe stalking someone.



Boring Uninspired Corporation Does Something Boring And Uninspired With $26 Billion


When I logged on today, I immediately started reading a 300 post thread about someone murdering 50+ people for their sexual orientation.

By contrast, it took me over an hour to click this thread, because it’s just too goddamned depressing.


Really? To each their own, but this was my unicorn chaser. Seriously, learning of Linkedin’s impending doom has been the highlight of a depressing day.



I think that might be the only comment this thread needs.


cue exodus of linux geeks from linked in in 3, 2, …
WHY? Is my big question.
My only guess is they like the social networking code/engine more than they like business networking.
Possible offering of internal company social networks as part of the cloud services?


This could open up the chance for Her Highness to add even more people to her professional network.


contact request sent!


Eh, Microsoft has gotten much better about Linux in the past however-long.

As for why, in not really sure myself but I hope they don’t ninja my 365 into a LinkedIn account. I’d hate to have to start caring about LinkedIn more than I already do about the effort to keep my work DLs clear of LinkedIn spam.