Hacker has a list of 700 million LinkedIn users for sale

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Lovely. Thanks for the heads up.


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Sounds like the usual project management fuckup: Leave security to the last in favor of SexyTimeFeatures. Then, with the deadlines getting close, and finding out that security is a major pain to add after the fact, do a half-assed job and hope no one notices.*

 * be sure to add a note to the project to re-visit security as soon as there’s some slack time.


it puts 700+ million people at risk of:

– identity theft

– phishing attempts

– social engineering attacks

So… how would this be different from my existing LinkedIn experience? All I’ve ever gotten from the site is a barrage of fake job offers and scammers trying to get something out of me.


Yeah, that was kinda my reaction, too. It seems like all this “hack” did was compile information that the users themselves voluntarily and intentionally made public. I’m not sure what the problem is, beyond the default you-probably-shouldn’t-do-that approach to using social media.


Exactly. Don’t put out there what you don’t want people to see.

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I guess the only real thing is the direct email access. Normally if people want to contact you through linkedin they have to do so through the linkedin app rather than emailing you directly. While this probably increases spam for a lot of people, it also mostly hurts linkedin’s bottom line as now recruiters can look up your email directly themselves rather than having to pay linkedin to contact you. Maybe?


Who needs hackers?


700M LinkedIn profiles? That’s got to be worth tens of dollars!


There are 700 million LinkedIn users?


Well that makes me feel bad. They never even bother me at all. How low down the totem pole am I?

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How many times has LinkedIn been hacked? Not only is it a site based on using other people for your own personal gain (“Hey, Brad, you know Chet at Omicron. Can you put in a word for me?”) but they have all of the security protocols of a loaded diaper.

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Rate limiting! Come on guys, it’s relatively easy.

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No. 700 million “profiles”; God knows how many redundant, fake, throwaway, generated by bots, orphaned, what have you…
A bit like Anonymous, come to think about it.

I’m honestly confused as to why I get targeted, because I’m totally not worth the effort. My guess is it’s because something in my resume has a keyword that, taken out of context, excites the bots. Which is also why all the garbage I get is completely mis-targeted.

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