The TikTok video that perfectly sums up LinkedIn's hideousness

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“Thanks for your money. Psych! You still can’t see everyone who viewed your profile!”


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I’ve found 2 of my last 3 jobs through linkedin - so I find it pretty useful. I look at it maybe once a week to stay in touch with colleagues. I only really accepted connections from people that I enjoyed working with, there are other/better places to follow content that is of interest, so my feed is mostly people I actually know looking for a gig, or growing a company. And anyone who wants to post political opinions or cat videos is easily scrubbed as a connection.

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See also: dating sites/apps

LinkedIn has been a handy diversion from Facebook for people I’ve met through work who want to stay in touch. If they say “Do you have Facebook?” I don’t even have to lie or tell them that I do but I don’t want to add them there. I simply say “I have LinkedIn. It would be great to connect there!”

Then I forget about them forever.


It seems ironic to have a video about awful social media site LinkedIn on awful social media site TikTok. Maybe they should join forces. TikedIn? LinkTok?




Linked-In is facebook for people you don’t like.



The dead don’t die.

… they look on and help?


If only!
I didn’t know that was part of a quote, just thought it was a Jim Jarmusch movie. Should have known better. TIL!

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… I didn’t either, but I thought it might be Lovecraft

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Further confirming the theory that the internet is now just 4 websites, each only hosting screenshots of text from the other 3.


At least TikTok has entertainment value. The same can’t be said about LinkedIn.

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… that reminds me, I need to go on there and see what new an terrible privacy invasions they’ve opted me into so I can opt back out of them. It’s been a few… years.

As bad as the UX on Failbook was before I yeeted myself from that site, it was better than LinkedIn’s at the time.

you’re not wrong there. I will pretty much always linked in connect with a coworker, unless I think they are straight up incompetent or dishonest. You never know when that broad network will come in handy. I never accept connection requests from randos I don’t know face to face unless it’s through a trusted intermediary.

For FB, I don’t connect to anyone I don’t know fairly well.

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