For some reason, in 2016, Hanson sang their one song again


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For some reason?

No other reason than it’s not a bad song, and it brings people joy. Cheezy pop? The cheeziest. But joy for some none the less!


This is really a sort of snarky, mean-spirited, bitchy post.


Once you go to college, you no longer need to express contempt for teen pop.


Good for them.


Also, very much not their only song. They’ve had a pretty solid career ever since that one, and honestly, a lot of their songs are pretty fun


Unloveable? I would argue Hanson was quite the opposite, and still is. Holy cow they can still sing. Good for them. F this post.


For some reason, in 2018, we’re reading about something Hanson did more than a year ago?


I can’t argue that looking back from 2018 MMMbop is a crappy song, but their 2010 album, Shout It Out, was damn good music. We ALL loved “All Star”, or even Nickleback, even if it was for just a second.

We must reserve judgement on the music of our youth. Even the “Hanson”'s of the world are allowed to grow up.


Holy shit, that’s some pretty amazing singing.


This weird collection of vowel sounds and mouth noises is somehow wonderful and timeless. And those fellas seem nice.

Put this right next to the recent performance of Ah-Ha doing Take On Me that the world lost its shit over.


Hanson was a featured act in the 2017 Wonderful World of Disney Christmas special – they’re still popular, tour around the world, and have lots of fans… and cheerfully accept that they’ll never outgrow “Mmmm Bop”.


They sound great!

Back in their heyday, I remember Henry Rollins being interviewed and the interviewer tried to bait him with some snarky comment about Hansen. Rollins didn’t bite and instead says he respects anybody that writes and plays their own music.


Why is this post even?

Not in any way a Hanson fan, but they totally nailed this - tight as fuck, pitch-perfect, their own song, what everyone there wanted to hear.

Not sure why anyone would want to tear this down, esp two years after it happened?


It is? Is it?

I am so confused.

attributed otherwise than you and other have interpreted, i posit.

You’re the first one in the thread to bring up the possibility!!

Hanson turns out to one of those topics you can’t talk about online. This is almost as bad as the ■■■■■ controversy!!! I wonder what Hanson puts on their hot dogs?


“And when you get old and start losing your hair
Can you tell me who will still care
Can you tell me who will still care?”

Every single hater in this thread is telling people with hairloss how to feel.



Ah, I see, you’re one of the ‘I hated Hanson before it was cool’ people. Good for you.




MMMbop was a HUGE hit back in <shuffle shuffle paper shuffle> I don’t remember, but it was a super-hit. We all grow and change our tastes. Remember, “POP” is short for “popular”. If no one liked it, you wouldn’t even know about it. (yeah yeah, I know, popular doesn’t equal good. Yes, you sound SOOO smart when you’re being cynical, sheesh)